Tours that include San Martin

The department of San Martín in the Amazon jungle of Peru is one of the most touristic regions in the country. Its capital is the city of Tarapoto located at 356 meters above sea level. Tarapoto stands out for its natural landscapes full of vegetation, flora and fauna. That is why it is known as ‘The city of palm trees’. Tourist attractions stand out such as: the Ahuashiyacu waterfall, the Blue Lagoon, Alto Mayo, the Carpishuyacu waterfall, the Huacamaillo waterfall, the Lamas castle, the Pucayaquillo waterfall and more. Learn about the main tours in the department of San Martín in the Peruvian jungle.

1/2 Day

Ahuashiyacu waterfall tour

1 Day

Alto Mayo Tour

1 Day

Blue Lagoon Tour

1/2 Day

Carpishuyacu Waterfall Tour

1/2 Day

City Tour Tarapoto

1 Days

Huacamaillo Waterfall Tour

1/2 Day

Lamas Tour 1/2 Day

1 Days

Pucayaquillo Waterfall Tour

Tour prices in San Martin

The best way to get to know the San Martín region in the Peruvian jungle is to book an all-inclusive tour. The tours include everything you need for a well-organized visit. Offers hotel pickup, tickets, guide, transportation and more. Get to know the main tours in San Martín!

The provinces and tourist attractions of San Martín in the Peruvian jungle

The department of San Martín is divided into ten provinces whose capital is San Martín with its district Tarapoto. Each province has natural tourist attractions that are worth knowing. These are its tourist attractions in each of its provinces.

Main tourist attractions
MoyobambaPunta de San Juan and Tahuishco viewpoint, San Francisco botanical garden, San Mateo thermal baths, Oromina sulfur baths, Paccha waterfall, San Martín departmental museum, Lejiayuco waterfall.
Bellavista Sanangoyacu waterfall, Picuroyacu waterfall, Boca de Tigre cave.
El Dorado Huaja waterfall, Inca petroglyphs, Yarayacu waterfall, archaeological remains of El Saladillo.
HuallagaThe great Saposoa, the labyrinths of Shima.
LamasLamas Castle, Kechwa El Wayku native community, Waska Waska Warmi Wasi craft center, Chapawanki waterfall, San Roque de Cumbaza, Chanka Museum.
Mariscal CáceresRío Abiseo National Park, Breo Falls, Churo Alto Gorge, Panguana Petroglyph, Cunchihuillo Petroglyph, Gran Pajatén archaeological site.
PicotaSirenas Beach, El Quinillal municipal conservation area, Futuro forest, Chambira waterfall.
RiojaPalestine Cave, source of the Tioyacu River, viewpoint of the Alto Mayo protection forest.
San MartínBlue Lagoon, Lindo Lake, Ahuashiyacu waterfall, Paucaryacu thermal baths, Tirayacu waterfalls, Chazuta funerary urns, Polish petroglyphs.
TocacheSilver Veil waterfall, San Juan de Ishanga waterfall, Huicte port, Tallos cave, Cocalero rapid.

All the activities available during your visit to San Martín!

The San Martín region is located in the Amazon jungle of Peru, a place of impressive natural beauty. However, there you can also see important archaeological remains such as petroglyphs. Of course you can also enjoy Amazonian cuisine and natural flora and fauna.

What tourist services should a tour in San Martín include?

Although the tourist attractions of the San Martín region in Peru can be visited on your own; Doing it with a tourism agency is the safest option. All tours must include everything necessary for a comfortable visit. Learn what a 1-Day tour of Tarapoto, Lamas, Moyobamba and more should include.

  • Pick up from the hotel door in Tarapoto.
  • Complete round trip tourist transportation.
  • Entrance ticket to all the tourist attractions to be visited.
  • Professional tour guide service.

These are the main tourist attractions in the department of San Martín

Tarapoto is the most touristic city in the San Martín region. So are Moyobamba, Lamas, Tocache and Rioja. The main tourist attractions are the blue lagoon, the Lamas castle and the many waterfalls in the region.

Cañon del Colca

The blue Lagoon

The blue lagoon is the MOST POPULAR tourist attraction in the city of Tarapoto. It is 54 kilometers from the city. It offers an idyllic landscape (with deep blue waters) and suitable for enjoying the sun, boating or swimming. There you can also practice adventure sports such as kayaking, canopy, jet ski and more.

Mirador de Yanahuara

Lamas Castle

Lamas Castle is a recent building (2005) but it is already visited by many tourists every day. It is built like a medieval castle on top of a hill so it shows beautiful landscapes. It was a work by the Italian Nicola Felice that helped a lot to boost tourism in the city of Lamas.

Monasterio de Santa Catalina

Waterfalls in San Martin

The San Martín region has a natural landscape where the most notable thing is its dozens of waterfalls. Some of the most important are: Ahuashiyacu waterfalls, Huacamaillo waterfalls, Pucayaquillo waterfalls, Carpishuayacu waterfalls and more. In all of them the visitor can enjoy a swim in its waters.

Frequently asked questions about traveling to the San Martín region in the jungle of Peru

San Martín is an Amazonian department of Peru located on the banks of the Huallaga River. The natural beauty of this region allows it to offer tourist attractions such as its waterfalls, the blue lagoon, rivers and more. The majority of tourist hotels are in the city of Tarapoto, its capital. Learn more information and visit San Martín in the jungle of Peru.