Tours that include Lima

Lima is the current capital of Peru, for many international travelers it is one of the obligatory points to arrive in Peru. Since, there is the international airport. Peru is one of the most visited destinations for those who want to learn about the mysteries of the Inca culture, the history of Peru and other natural destinations or go hiking. In Lima you can find a large part of these activities, from the beaches, traditional neighborhoods, pre-Columbian constructions, colonial and modern buildings; such as: La Huaca Pukllana, the district of Miraflores, Barranco, Chorrillos, the Cathedral of Lima, the Government Palace and many other destinations. At the same time, Lima has important world-class restaurants. In Machupicchu Terra,

1 Day

City Tour Lima

1 Day

Palomino Islands Tour

1/2 Day

Gastronomic Tour in Lima

1/2 Day

Magic Water Circuit Tour

1 Day

Caral and Huacho Tour

1 Day

Pachacamac Tour

Tours in Peru that include Lima and other destinations

Peru has different regions that can be visited. Here we organize tours that include the Peruvian capital along with visits to other destinations such as Cusco, Machu Picchu, Lake Titicaca, Arequipa, the Colca Canyon and more combinations. These are some of the tours that you should take into account.

10 Days

Amazing Perú Tour: Lima, Cusco and Puno

8 Days

Unforgettable Perú Tour: Lima, Arequipa, Cusco

6 Days

Special Peru Tour: Lima and Cusco

Our main tours to Lima

One ​​of the safest ways to do any tour in Peru is through a travel agency. At Machupicchu Terra, we organize several tours with variations of services such as pick up from your hotel, transportation, and reservation of tickets to the places mentioned in the tours.

Tours in Lima
1/2 DayMagic Water Circuit Tour35 USD35 USD
1/2 DayGastronomic tour145 USD145 USD
1 DayCity tour Lima or the City of Kings35 USD35 USD
1 DayTour Pachacamac Full Day50 USD50 USD
1 DayPalomino Islands Tour Full Day130 USD85 USD
1 DayCaral and Huacho Full Day Tour175 USD175 USD
6 DaysSpecial Peru Tour: Lima and Cusco800 USD800 USD
8 DaysUnforgettable Peru Tour: Lima, Arequipa, Cusco1,150 USD1,150 USD
10 DaysAmazing Peru Tour: Lima, Cusco and Puno1,088 USD1,088 USD

Lima’s provinces and tourist destinations

Lima hides many destinations, although the city absorbed them, it is possible to find different destinations far from the city and near the Andes that connect with Lima. Other attractions of this entire region is that you can find tourist attractions between natural and colonial and republican constructions of great importance. Something that also stands out in Lima is the presence of museums.

Tourism in Lima
ProvinceMain attractives
BarrancaIn the province of Barranca there are: Caral, Paramonga Fortress, Barranca beach and circuit of beaches, Christ the Redeemer
CajatamboAgricultural land, Shucsha Hot Springs, Viconga and Sarapacocha lagoons, Chiraumarca Ruins, Pacgaacg Castle and views of the snow-capped Cordillera Blanca.
OyónYou can find thermal baths in Huancahuasi, Chiuchin, it is also possible to find one of the largest quipus in the world, the archaeological complex of Rapazmarca, the Yanacocha and Tinticocha lagoons and many more destinations.
HuauraIt is possible to find the Albufera de Medio Mundo, the Enchanted Lagoon, the Lachay National Reserve
CantaIt is a historical province of Lima, near this place it is possible to find and see the Nevado de la Cordillera de la Viuda, on the way there, you can visit the Chillón river and the Waterfalls of Aconchinchán, the citadel of Cantamarca and the Chuchún Lagoon.
LimaIn Lima you can find pre-Inca buildings such as the Huaca Pukllana, the Plaza de Armas, colonial buildings, more modern buildings and several museums with different attractions.
HuarochiríHuarochirí also has a special place in Peruvian history. Some mythological narratives take place in this place, so you can visit the landscapes of Yuracmayo, the Zárate Forest, the Callahuanca Valley, the Japani Ruins and the city of Matucana.
CañeteThe cañete destinations are: The town of Lunahuaná, the thermal and medicinal baths of Chilca, colonial buildings such as the Unanue Castle and the Santiago Apostol de Lunahuaná Temple. Among the archaeological sites you can visit Incahuasi or “The house of the Inca”.
YauyosIn this province you can visit different natural spaces such as the Nor Yauyos Landscape Reserve, the Nevado de Pariacaca, the Paucarcocha lagoon, the Nevado de Ticlla and the Huamanmarca Ruins.

What services do our Lima tours include?

We are sure that traveling through Peru can be complicated by the little information there is about places and attractions. Therefore, we use various services that can guarantee a safe experience and can meet all the itineraries you want to do. Our basic services are:

  • Start of the tour from the door of your hotel.
  • Reserved tickets for all destinations.
  • Return transportation to your hotel.
  • Professional guide.
  • Transportation to reach all destinations.
  • Hotels of different categories.

In Lima you can do all the activities you want!

In Lima the activities seem endless, you can do everything from simple walks to extreme sports activities. In addition, it is possible to visit world-renowned restaurants, without forgetting the provinces that border the Andes and allow you to take a short break from the big city of Lima and connect with nature and incredible landscapes.

Learn more about the main destinations in Lima!

Lima is one of the most populated regions of Peru. Both in the past and at present it is an important humanistic center, where you can visit different destinations. Among these stand out.

Circuito mágico del Agua

The magical Water Circuit

This is one of the modern destinations that is located very close to the Historic Center of Lima, specifically in the Parque de la Reserva de Lima. The entire route has different waterfalls, ideal for a family outing.

Magic Circuit of Water
Huaca Pucllana

The Huaca Pucllana

It is located in one of the most exclusive districts of Lima. The Huaca Pucllana represents an important religious and ceremonial center for the Wari culture and beyond the Tawantinsuyo.

The Pucllana Huaca
Museo de Larco de Lima

Larco Museum of Lima

It is one of the most complete museums in Lima. The galleries are spacious and store a wide variety of textiles, ceramics, and gold and silver items dating back more than 5,000 years.

Larco Museum of Lima
Plaza de Lima

The Main Square of Lima

This is one of the first social centers to be established since colonial times. In this square, you can find colonial buildings that surround it and also the Government Palace.

The Main Square of Lima

Questions and answers about traveling to Lima

For some Lima is one of the most dangerous destinations in Peru, but this is not true, there are different safe districts. In this sense, we will focus on answering the different doubts or questions that most people ask on their trip to the City of Kings.

Why travel with Machupicchu Terra?

Machupicchu Terra is one of the best agencies in Cusco, currently developing services in Lima, Arequipa, Ica and Puno . Machupicchu Terra is a formal agency that provides security and will also help you better choose the itineraries and activities that best suit you. Remember that it allows you to make cancellations and changes before the tour start dates. Our main services are: