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Explore each tourist attraction of Cusco and Peru

At Machupicchu Terra we created a multimedia tool that facilitates navigation through each tourist attraction in Cusco and Peru. Locate the destination you want to know and find out in an easy and didactic way.

Find the tourist destination of your choice and find out

The Machupicchu Terra ‘Explorer’ allows you to easily locate each tourist destination. Browse the map of Peru and discover everything it offers with all the information of interest.


Find out with educational videos on our YouTube channel

Find out all the information you need about your trip to Cusco and Machu Picchu through our YouTube channel. Paloma, our exclusive driver, will accompany us on the tour of each of the tourist attractions.

Find more information on our official YouTube channel

At Machupicchu Terra we have the official YouTube channel ‘Imachupicchu’, which allows you to learn more and better information about all the tourist attractions of Cusco and Machu Picchu. Together with Paloma, find out about your trip!


Download the digital book ‘Cusco and Machupicchu Complete Guide’ for free

Know all the complete information about each of the tourist attractions in Cusco and Machu Picchu. Download the digital book for free and take it with you during your trip to Cusco. All the information on your cell phone!

Download our digital book for free

At Machupicchu Terra we have a free digital book for everyone, clients or not. You just have to download it to your mobile or PC and get well informed about all the tourist attractions of Cusco. Find out well!


Tour Cusco from the comfort of your home with our 360° tool

At Machupicchu Terra we have created virtual tours of the main tourist attractions of Cusco and Peru. So you can take a very interesting digital tour before making the actual trip to the different tourist attractions.

This is how the streets of Cusco are in a 360° tour

With a single click you can digitally tour the historic streets of Cusco. Our 360° galleries allow you to immerse yourself for an instant in the most popular tourist attractions of Cusco and Peru.

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Didactic videos that motivate you to travel

At Machupicchu Terra we have educational videos that motivate you to discover the main destinations of Machu Picchu, Cusco and Peru. Each tourist attraction offers a different experience that is worth enjoying.