Tours that include La Libertad

The La Libertad region and its capital, the city of Trujillo, offer various very interesting tourist attractions, such as: the clay city of Chan Chan, the Huaca of the Sun, the Huaca of the Moon, the El Brujo Archaeological Complex (Cao Viejo museum), the Huanchaco spa and more. The best way to visit these tourist attractions is with an all-inclusive tour. Find out which are the best tours in the La Libertad, Trujillo region.

1/2 Day

City Tour Trujillo

1 Day

Paso Horse and Marinera Tour with lunch

1/2 Day

Tour El Brujo and Dama de Cao

1/2 Day

Tour Huaca of the Sun and the Moon

1 Days

Sandboarding Tour and Campfire in Salaverry

Tour prices in La Libertad, Trujillo

Learn the prices of the main tours in the La Libertad region. The tours most requested by visitors are those that include a visit to archaeological sites such as the Huaca of the Sun, the Huaca of the Moon and the El Búho archaeological complex. Services are all included. Know the prices.

The provinces and tourist attractions of the La Libertad region

The department or region of La Libertad is divided into ten provinces. The city of Trujillo is its capital. It is also the third most populated city in Peru. There are various tourist attractions there. The same in its other nine provinces. Get to know all its tourist attractions!

Main tourist attractions
TrujilloCity of Trujillo, Huanchaco spa, Chan Chan Citadel, Huaca of the Sun, Huaca of the Moon, Salaverry spa, Huaca del Dragón.
AscopeEl Brujo archaeological complex, Mocollope archaeological complex, Huaca Colorada, Salinar petroglyphs.
BolivarPampa de Cujibamba, Laguna de Shopol, Nevado de Cajamarquilla.
ChepenCerro Chepén, architectural complex of Lurífico, citadel of San José de Moro.
JulcanArchaeological remains of Cerro Sulcha, archaeological complex of Huasochugo, archaeological ruins of Cerro Ayangay.
OtuzcoThermal baths of Huaranchal, the Paccha waterfall.
PacasmayoPakatmanú archaeological complex, Canoncillo forest, Cerro Dos Cabezas, Pampa de los fossils.
PatazLaguna de Pías, archaeological remains of Nunamarca.
Sanchez CarriónWiracochapampa archaeological site, Markahuana-chuco archaeological complex, Yanasara hot springs, Saysacocha and Collasgón lagoons.
Santiago de ChucoCalipuy National Reserve, Calipuy Sanctuary, Cachicadan thermal baths, Huashgon cave paintings, El Ojo thermal baths, Huambo waterfall.

All the activities you can do on your trip to La Libertad!

The region of La Libertad offers various activities for tourists. It stands out, above all, for its archaeological sites, which show the passage of pre-Hispanic cultures of great importance such as the Mochica and Chimú. In addition, you can visit beaches, incredible landscapes and even do adventure sports.

Which are the tourist services that a tour in La Libertad should include?

La Libertad offers the opportunity to visit many tourist attractions such as: the city of Trujillo, Chan Chan, the Huaca of the Sun, the Huaca of the Moon , the Huanchaco spa, the archaeological complex of El Brujo and more. The best way to see it all is on an all-inclusive tour organized by a formal tourism agency. Know everything that the tour includes.

  • Pick up the tourist from the door of his hotel (in Trujillo)
  • Full tourist transportation (round trip).
  • Entrance to all tourist attractions to visit in La Libertad.
  • Professional tour guide service (Spanish or English).

The main tourist attractions in the La Libertad (Trujillo) region

There are several tourist attractions offered by the region of La Libertad. The main ones are close to the city of Trujillo, its capital. These are: Chan Chan (the largest mud citadel in the world), the Huaca of the Sun, the Huaca of the Moon, the Huanchaco spa or the El Brujo archaeological complex (Dama de Cao museum). Learn more!

Colca Canyon

Chan Chan mud citadel

Chan Chan is recognized as the largest mud city in the world. It was built in the 9th century as a great citadel and capital of the Chimú state. It is located just 7 kilometers from the city of Trujillo. In 1998 it was included in the list of World Heritage Sites by Unesco.

Yanahuara Viewpoint

The Huaca of the Sun and the Moon

The huacas of the Sun and the Moon are two contiguous archaeological sites located 5 kilometers from the city of Trujillo. Both are made of adobe and belong to the Mochica culture (2nd to 7th centuries), as an administrative center and religious site. It also had a later occupation by the Sicán and Chimú cultures.

Santa Catalina Monastery

El Brujo Archaeological Complex

The El Brujo archaeological complex was a ceremonial center of great importance belonging to the Mochica culture and other predecessor and successor cultures such as Cuspinique, Lambayeque, Chimú and Inca. It is made up of the Huaca Prieta, the Huaca Cao Viejo and the Huaca Cortada. There is the museum of Cao (mummy of the Lady of Cao).

Questions and answers about the trip to the La Libertad region (Trujillo)

The La Libertad region (and its capital Trujillo) allow you to discover an important variety of tourist attractions such as Chan Chan, Huanchaco, the Huaca of the Moon, the Huaca of the Sun and more. There are many doubts among tourists about the trip. Learn about the main questions and answers of tourists interested in traveling to La Libertad.