Tours to the Nazca Lines

The Nazca lines are one of the best tourist attractions in Peru. They are immense geoglyphs with zoomorphic, phytomorphic and geometric figures made by the Nazca culture (200 BC – 600 AD) on the coast of Peru. Tours to the Nazca lines offer travel to the Ica region, 419 kilometers by road from the city of Lima. It also includes the flight over the Nazca lines with the company of a specialized guide. All tours offer security during your visit. Live an unforgettable experience on the Nazca lines!

1/2 Day

Nazca Lines Tour from Paracas

1 Day

Nazca Lines Tour from Lima

Tours to the Nazca lines

The Nazca lines are located in the Nazca pampas on the desert coast of Peru. A tour to this destination includes everything necessary for a safe visit, including a flight over the most famous geoglyphs in the country. Tours can depart from two tourist destinations: from the city of Lima and from Paracas in the Ica region.

The Nazca lines and the best tourist destinations in Peru

The Nazca lines are definitely one of the best tourist destinations in Peru. Learn more details about this and other tourist destinations in Peru.

Main tourist destinations in Peru
Tourist attraction
The Nazca linesIn the Ica region, 446 kilometers from the city of Lima.Geoglyphs in the Nazca desert made by the Nazca culture (200 BC – 600 AD).Nazca Lines Tour 1 day from Lima / Nazca Lines Tour half day from Paracas.
Machu PicchuIn the Cusco region, 1,102 kilometers from the city of Lima.Stone city in the high jungle of Cusco made by the Inca culture (1,400 AD – 1,533 AD).Tour Machu Picchu 1 day / Tour Camino Inca 4 days / Tour Machu Picchu by Hidroeléctrica half day.
The Colca CanyonIn the Arequipa region, 1,129 kilometers from the city of Lima.One ​​of the deepest canyons (4,150 meters) in the valley of the same name.Colca Canyon Tour 1 day / Colca Canyon Tour 2 days / Colca trek tour 2 days.
ParacasIn the Ica region, 259 kilometers from the city of Lima.A natural reserve with a lot of marine flora and fauna on the desert coast in Ica.Paracas Tour 1 day from Lima / Paracas Tour 2 days from Lima.
MáncoraIn the Piura region, 1,165 kilometers from the city of Lima.Paradise beaches, the most beautiful in Peru, with marine fauna, in the north of Peru.Máncora Tour 1 day with turtle swimming / Máncora Tour 2 days with whale watching.

Other tourist attractions near the Nazca lines

The Nazca lines are one of the main tourist attractions of the Ica region. In this coastal and desert area of ​​Peru there are other very popular attractions, such as: Paracas, Huacachina and the pisco route. Learn more about these destinations and get excited to explore the Ica region.

Reserva Paracas


Paracas is a National Reserve of Peru, famous for the Ballestas Islands for the important marine fauna during your visit, including: sea lions, penguins and a wide variety of seabirds. It is also famous for the Candelabrum, a geoglyph located in the sands facing the sea. It is located 259 kilometers from the city of Lima.


La Huacachina

La Huacachina is a lagoon of sulfurous waters in the heart of the Ica desert. Its beauty lies in its beautiful vegetation, the color of its waters and the enormous desert that surrounds it where you can practice adventure sports. Good quality hotels and restaurants were built around it, making it one of the best tourist destinations in Peru. It is located 307 kilometers from the city of Lima.

Uvas ruta del pisco

The pisco route

The Ica region is famous for its immense vineyards where the best pisco and wine in Peru is produced. The pisco route is a tourist circuit through the main vineyards and factories where you can taste good wine and learn the process of creating this drink (pisco), the most representative of the country. The tour begins in Ica or Huacachina and lasts approximately 3 to 4 hours.

What services does a tour to the Nazca lines include?

The tours to the Nazca lines offer all the necessary services for the tourist visit: pick-up from the hotel, complete tourist transportation including the plane ride about the Nazca geoglyphs, the company of a professional tour guide and the necessary entrance fees. The service offers maximum travel safety.

  • Pick up from the tourist’s hotel.
  • Complete tourist transportation (round trip sections).
  • Entrance to the Nazca lines.
  • Overflight in a small plane with all security measures.
  • Final transfer to the tourist’s hotel.
  • Professional tourist guide.

The main geoglyphs of Nazca

The Nazca lines are made up of around 350 geoglyphs discovered in the desert. However, investigations continue to discover new figures in the desert. Get to know the most important geoglyphs of the Nazca lines.

Questions and answers about tours to the Nazca lines in Peru

Are you planning to visit the Nazca lines in the Ica region, Peru? Learn about some of the most frequently asked questions asked by visitors interested in enhancing this fabulous experience.