Inti Raymi – The Festival of the Sun

Taking advantage of the jubilee month of Cusco, in Machupicchu Terra, we want to share our love and respect for the imperial city of the Incas. For this reason, we leave you free to download a brief magazine that will help you learn more about all the attractions of INTI RAYMI 2023

Inti Raymi – The Festival of the Sun

Discover all the mysteries of the Inti Raymi since its foundation in the first years of the establishment of the Tawantinsuyo and how it came back in 1944. Also discover more details of how it is carried out today. The download is free, find out and share with your friends. The history of Inti Raymi will surprise you.


Date of publication: May 2023
Author: JW Huahuatico Quintasi
Format: PDF
Pages: 48 pages
Theme: Customs

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Why is inti Raymi celebrated?

Let’s get to know the details that motivated the founders of Inti Raymi in 1944. One of these main motivations was to represent this entire ceremony as a way of reinforcing the Cusco identity. Detail that over time became important for all Cusco, especially for those who emigrate or live far from Cusco, the Inti Raymi, in some cases is the perfect excuse to return to the Imperial City of the Incas. It also details the foundations and the will to re-stage the Inti Raymi after more than 350 years, which are of vital importance for the people of Cusco and especially for Peru. During Inti Raymi, the spirit of unity is reinforced among all the brothers from the different provinces of Cusco.

History of Inti Raymi

In this section we learn more about the importance of the Sun as a divinity. The sun during the Tawantinsuyo was recognized as the main god thanks to the fact that its presence was vital for crops to grow in such a wild territory as the Andes Mountains. The ceremonies in the old Cusco or Qosqo, represented several days of songs and dances in honor of the sun. The Inca was the main architect of this ceremony, being the link of the entire population with the Sun god. During the rituals, the presence of chicha and coca, which were considered sacred foods and fraternal unity, could not be absent. The Inti Raymi in the past was aimed at the great elites of the entire Tawantinsuyo, which is why it was considered a great meeting to promote dialogue and petitions with the Inca.

Inti Raymi today

The Inti Raymi currently has been taking place for more than 50 years. From the beginning they started with a limited number of artists and volunteers. Over the years, this was changing, even now the clothing and decorations used by the Inca, the coya, the ladies chosen by the sun, have improved. Even the clothing of the soldiers, both weapons and accessories, improved considerably over time. In addition, it currently has 3 stages, the main one being on the Sacsayhuamán esplanade, where you can see the entire ceremony for free and purchasing tickets for seats, promoted by EMUFEC.

How to witness the Inti Raymi 2023

We detail all the details for the Inti Raymi this 2023. We explain more about the tickets and we organize some guides so that people both from abroad and outside of Cusco can get to Cusco and be present at the largest event that Cusco has and that can only be done once a year. In addition, the month of June is the perfect month to make visits and tours of different kinds in Cusco and its surroundings. The month of June really offers many more activities, ideal for any travel lover.

Everything you need to have a perfect day during Inti Raymi.

Here we will learn more about the itinerary that Inti Raymi has for this year. We also leave some recommendations and advice so that the whole experience is unforgettable and you do not miss anything about Inti Raymi. We explain the schedules, trips, routes to follow and some things that cannot be missing in your backpack. It will also be necessary to understand that it is a public event, that is why the streets of Cusco are dressed in color and especially a large number of people who can be national or foreign tourists. We believe that each of these details enriches the experience and it is better to make the entire visit to Inti Raymi, to understand and learn more about this beautiful culture and legacy that the Incas left us.

About the author

Publisher: J.W. Huahuatico Quintasi

Professional in Literature and Linguistics, he has publications in digital magazines and local newspapers, he is also the winner of some literary contests in stories organized by UNSA and UCSP, both universities in Arequipa. He currently works in the writing area of ​​Machupicchu Terra.