Tours that include Ayacucho

The department of Ayacucho is one of the most visited in Peru. Its capital is the city of Huamanga located at 2,761 meters above sea level. From the city of Lima it is 560 kilometers. The ‘City of Churches’ is famous for its artisans (the famous Ayacucho altarpieces), its Holy Week, as well as its archaeological sites and natural landscapes. Highlights include the turquoise waters of Millpu, the archaeological complex of Wari, the pampas of Ayacucho (the obelisk of the Quinua pampa), Vilcashuamán and more. The best way to visit Ayacucho is with an all-inclusive tour. Learn about the main one-day tours.

1 Day

Tour Vilcashuamán

1/2 Day

Qorihuillca canyons tour

1 Day

Huanta and Pikimachay Tour

1/2 Day

Ayacucho Pampas Tour

1 Day

Millpu Turquoise Waters Tour

1/2 Day

City Tour Ayacucho

Tour prices in Ayacucho

The best way to visit Ayacucho is with a tourism agency that includes all services such as: tourist transportation, professional tourist guide and tickets. This way the visit is better organized. Learn about the main tours in Ayacucho.

Tours in Ayacucho
1 DayTour to Vilcashuamán in Ayacucho30 USD30 USD
1 DayTour to Huanta and Pikimachay25 USD25 USD
1 DayTurquoise Waters Tour of Millpu36 USD32 USD
1/2 DayCity Tour Ayacucho15 USD15 USD
1/2 DayAyacucho Pampas Tour30 USD30 USD
1/2 DayTour to the Qorihuillca canyons32 USD32 USD

The provinces and tourist attractions in the department of Ayacucho

The department of Ayacucho has eleven provinces in an area of 43,821.08 square kilometers. It has a population of 696,152 inhabitants. Its main tourist attractions are located in the province of Huamanga, its capital.

Main tourist attractions
HuamangaCathedral, Temple of San Cristóbal, Church of Santo Domingo, Pampa de Ayacucho, Wari archaeological complex.
CangalloGasified waters of Huahuapuquio, Pumapaqcha Waterfall, Wayuna Waterfall.
Huanca SancosArchaeological remains of Ituni, Ñaupa Llanta, Silvanan, Sucho thermal baths.
HuantaPikimachay Cave, Razuhuillca Mountain Range, Laupay Stone Forest, Incaraccay, Tiyaq archaeological remains, Huanta viewpoint.
La MarInkaraqay archaeological site, Qhapaq Ñan, Capillapampa bridge, Torobamba bridge, Campana hill, Yanaorqo hill, Osqopacha.
LucanasCceronta thermal bath, Qollpa Pampa thermal bath, Caniche archaeological monument, Ccinca Moco archaeological center, Pampas Galeras.
ParinacochasSanta Clara Thermal Baths, Senccata Thermal Baths, Cora Cora Cathedral, Incahuasi.
Paucar del Sara SaraThe snowy Sara Sara, Mirmaca thermal baths, the stone turtle, Supay Rumi cave painting, Auquihuato pampas, Lampa archaeological site, Huacuya thermal baths.
SucreTintay thermal baths, Hahuira archaeological remains, Chaupis archaeological site, Qoridi hot springs, Iglesiachayoq archaeological complex, stone forest.
Víctor FajardoTown of Sarhua, archaeological remains of Raqa Raqay, archaeological remains of Ñaupallaqta, archaeological remains of Kaqamarca, Wayruro hill.
VilcashuamánVilcashuamán archaeological site, Pumacocha archaeological complex, Puyas Raimondi forest.

All activities available in the department of Ayacucho!

Ayacucho is a land of archaeological sites because various pre-Columbian cultures settled there, mainly the Waris and Incas more than five hundred years ago. In addition, it is famous for its religious festivities and natural landscapes.

What tourist services does a tour in Ayacucho include?

All tours in Ayacucho offer the basic services to get to know its tourist attractions. These services are complete tourist transportation, professional tour guide and entrance to all the tourist attractions visited. The main destinations are the city of Huamanga, Huanta, the Ayacucho pampas, the turquoise waters of Millpu and Vilcashuamán.

  • Complete tourist transportation (meeting in Huamanga, Ayacucho).
  • Entrance ticket to the tourist destinations to visit.
  • Professional tour guide service (in Spanish).
  • Tourist hotel in Huamanga (for tours of more than 1 day).

These are the main tourist attractions in Ayacucho

Ayacucho has an interesting tourist offer with highly photographed natural landscapes as well as historic archaeological sites such as Vilcashuamán. The city of Huamanga is famous for its artisans and its beautiful Easter celebration, one of the most crowded in Peru.


Turquoise waters of Millpu

Hidden in an Andean landscape is this set of nature pools filled with turquoise water. The landscape is beautiful so hundreds of people like to take photographs there. The color of the waters in Millpu is due to the minerals and the sun’s rays that fall on the place located in the community of Circamarca.



The city of Huamanga is the capital of the department of Ayacucho. It is known as the ‘Capital of the churches’ as it has up to 37 churches with popular art inside. It is also famous for its crafts, especially for its Ayacucho altarpieces. During Holy Week, the city is filled with color and manifestations of faith.

Lago Sandoval


The city of Vilcashuamán is located 102 kilometers from Huamanga, capital of Ayacucho. This town is famous for its traditions, its crafts and also for its archaeological sites and natural landscapes such as the Inca archaeological site of Vilcashuamán and the Raimondi puya forest.

Questions and answers about the trip to the department of Ayacucho

Ayacucho is one of the most touristy Andean regions of Peru. It is famous for its natural landscapes, archaeological sites (trace of the Wari and Inca cultures), its crafts (such as the famous Ayacucho altarpieces), its thermal baths, religious festivities and more. You have doubts? Find out the questions and answers that most visitors ask before visiting Ayacucho.