Vinincunca or Mountain of Colors in Cusco – Peru

We are happy to share our second digital magazine, thanks to all the Machupicchu Terra teams that made this publication possible. By having an informative commitment, these publications will be freely downloadable. Discover more than one of the most important natural destinations in Cusco: VININCUNCA OR COLORED MOUNTAIN.

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Vinincunca or Mountain of Colors in Cusco – Peru

Vinincunca is one of the most incredible destinations in Cusco. Every year many visitors from Peru and the world arrive. During this tour you can appreciate majestic landscapes surrounded by mountains typical of the Vilcanota Mountain Range. Here you will learn more information about it, about the routes and care that you must have to spend a pleasant day. Remember that the download is free and you can help us a lot by sharing the information.


Publication date: July 2023
Author: J. W. Huahuatico Quintasi
Format: PDF
Pages: 65 pages
Theme: Travel Guide

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What you will find

Mountain of Colors: Vinincunca

The Mountain of Colors or known by its name in Quechua as Vinincunca, each year hosts a large number of people who come from all over the world. Some seem not to know the exact location and the extraordinary landscapes that can be seen during the trip and the walk to Vinincunca. Another factor that only makes this trip better is that you can see a large number of corn crops, diverse trees and Andean communities. In this section, we leave all the details to consider during the trip and then go deeper into each one of them. In other words, in this first section you will get to know in general the experience of the trip and everything that can happen during a one-day visit to the Rainbow Mountain or Vinincunca.

The Vilcanota Mountain Range

Our most visited natural destination after Machu Picchu, is part of the Vilcanota Mountain Range, which in turn, is part of the entire Andes Mountain Range that crosses all of South America. It is thanks to this location that mountains can be appreciated, especially from one of the summits that are used as a viewpoint of Vinincunca. Near this mountain, you can see different tourist destinations where natural destinations prevail. One of them is the Red River. You can also visit the snowy Ausangate and the lagoon that forms from the natural melting right on the slopes of this incredible mountain. Another incredible geographical formation can be found in the Red Valley, which can be visited immediately after visiting Vinincunca. Finally, mention is made of the districts of Pitumarca and Checacupe.

Alternative routes to get to Vinincunca

Vinincunca, over the years, managed to organize the surrounding communities so that they can obtain economic income. That is why there are two ways to get to this place that follow hiking routes. However, thanks to some services of the communities and other entrepreneurs, transport was used in quad bikes or ATVs, they can also help you get to motorcycle transport. Although the best thing to do to have a pleasant morning is to do it with the help of the muleteers and their horses. The muleteers are organized in such a way that men and women carry out this task in an organized manner and in turns. All this information, together with the presence of maps, can be found in the digital magazine.

More than 5000 meters above sea level

For some people, visiting Vinincunca may seem like a challenge; while for others, it is like taking a simple walk. This will depend a lot on the proper acclimatization process. This is of vital importance so that the trip does not have inconveniences. If you are looking for the right way to do this process, along with some tips, you can find them within the pages of the magazine. Another detail that we are talking about is the geographical formations of the entire sector that surrounds the Mountain of Colors. Apparently, the presence of its characteristic colors was a process of millions of years and only now, after much of the ice has receded, is it possible to appreciate this mountain. Finally, we explain the climatic conditions of the place, together with important information that you must include in your backpack, like water and some snacks. The magazine will end with a brief travel experience.


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Publisher: J.W. Huahuatico Quintasi

Professional in Literature and Linguistics, he has publications in digital magazines and local newspapers, he is also the winner of some literary contests in stories organized by UNSA and UCSP, both universities in Arequipa. He currently works in the writing area of ​​Machupicchu Terra.