Tours that include Piura

The Piura region is located on the northern coast of Peru, about 988 kilometers by road from the city of Lima. Due to its proximity to the equator, it has a hot climate, even above 30ºC. Its greatest tourist attractions are its spas and beaches with warm waters. The spas of Máncora, Pocitas, Los Órganos, Vichayito and more stand out. There are high quality tourist services such as hotels, restaurants, nightclubs, bars and more.

1 Day

Swimming with turtles tour in Piura

1 Day

City Tour Piura and Catacaos

1 Day

Tumbes Mangrove Tour

1 Day

Tour Sechura + Sandboardingy

1/2 Day

Máncora Mud Pools Tour

Tour prices in Piura

The Piura region offers excellent tourist attractions, hotel services and landscapes where you can taste one of the best cuisines in Peru. The most requested tours by tourists include Máncora, Catacaos, the city of Piura, as well as the Tumbes mangroves (in the Tumbes region). Find out the prices of the main tours!

Tours to Piura
1 DíaSwimming with turtles tour in Piura30 USD30 USD
1 DíaCity Tour Piura and Catacaos36 USD36 USD
1 DíaTumbes Mangrove Tour32 USD32 USD
1 DíaSechura Tour + Sandboarding– USD– USD
1 DíaWhale watching tour55 USD55 USD
1/2 DíaMáncora Mud Pools Tour30 USD30 USD

The provinces of Piura and its tourist attractions

The department of Piura has eight provinces: Ayabaca, Huancabamba, Morropón, Paita, Sullana, Talara, Sechura and Piura. There you can visit important tourist attractions such as Máncora, Vichayito, Sechura, Paita, the Huaringas and more. Learn more details!

Main tourist attractions
AyabacaSamanga petroglyphs, Aypate archaeological zone, Cuyas forest, Chocán medicinal baths, Ayabaca patron saint festival.
HuancabambaTemple of the Jaguars, Huaringas lagoon, valley of the infiernillos, El Sitán waterfall, Inca baths.
MorropónÑañañique ceremonial complex, Cerro Verde complex, El Tongo walls, Yapatera petroglyphs, Vicús archaeological zone.
PaitaCoastal boardwalk, Paita Plaza de Armas, Temple of San Jerónimo, Fiscal dock.
SullanaThe Angolo hunting reserve, the Amotape hills, the Poechos dam, Agua de leche lagoon, ‘El Cucho’ huaca, the Chira valley.
TalaraMáncora Spa, La Poza de Barro, Los Órganos Beach, Cabo Blanco Spa, Los Lobitos Spa, Las Capullanas Spa, Vichayito Spa, Punta Balcones.
SechuraThe Sechura desert, San Pedro mangroves, Ramón salt mine, the Sechura jubilee week.
PiuraNarihualá archaeological site, Piura Cathedral, Catacaos, Almirante Grau House Museum, Vicús Museum.

The main activities of the department of Piura!

The department of Piura offers various activities that you can do. The main activities are walks and sports on the sunny beaches such as Máncora and Vichayito. In addition, you can visit archaeological sites and museums that reflect the history of the region. Learn more!

What services should a tour to Piura include?

The department of Piura offers some of the best tourist attractions in northern Peru. And the best way to visit them is with an all-inclusive tour that offers everything you need for a pleasant and well-organized trip. Find out what a tour to Piura should include!

  • Pick up from the tourist in the city of Piura or in the city of Máncora (depending on the tour).
  • Tourist transportation service throughout the tour.
  • Entrance to all tourist attractions.
  • Professional tourism guide.
  • Tourist hotel service (for tours of 2 days or more).

These are the main tourist attractions of the Piura region

The department of Piura has eight provinces where there are dozens of very famous tourist attractions. The most popular among visitors are, without a doubt, its spas: Máncora, Vichayito, Los Órganos, Pocitas and more. There you can even practice adventure sports and other incredible activities. Learn more!

Cañon del Colca


The resort of Máncora has several kilometers of warm beaches where there are hotels, restaurants, nightclubs and bars that attract hundreds of local and international tourists. There you can surf, swim with turtles, snorkel, yoga and even go horseback riding or simply enjoy the sunset.

Mirador de Yanahuara


The Vichayito spa is located 173 kilometers from the city of Piura. It is a spa with some more exclusive aspects compared to Máncora. It also offers beautiful sunsets, adventure sports, hotels of various qualities and the best of Piura gastronomy.

Monasterio de Santa Catalina


The town of Sechura is located 50 kilometers from the city of Piura. It is famous for being one of the largest deserts in Peru. It is famous for the quality of its crafts as well as its beaches and activities that can be done there such as sandboarding. It is also famous for the San Pedro mangroves.

Questions and answers about the trip to the Piura region

The Piura region is famous for its beaches and spas where some of the best tourist hotels in Peru are located. But in Piura there is much more to see and do. Find out the most frequently asked questions and answers about the trip to ‘the city of eternal summer’.