Tours that include Puno

Puno is one of the most visited destinations in Peru. Despite its plateau geography that exceeds 3,800 meters above sea level, many tourists come there attracted by its beautiful landscapes, its immense ancient culture, its archaeological sites and more. The most famous tourist attractions in Puno are Lake Titicaca, the floating island of the Uros, the island of Amantani, the island of Taquile and the archaeological site of Sillustani. Learn more!

1 Day

Uros – Amantani Tour in Puno

1 Day

Route of the Sun Tour: Cusco – Puno

1/2 Day

Uros floating islands tour

2 Days

Uros, Amantani and Taquile Tour

1/2 Day

Sillustani Tour

Prices of the tours in Puno

Know the main tourist attractions of Puno and their prices. All tours are carried out in all-inclusive services, well organized and with the highest security. Thus the visitor will not have to make any additional purchase. Choose to visit Puno as you deserve!

Tours to Puno
1/2 DayUros floating island tour10 USD10 USD
1 DayUros and Amantani Tour21 USD21 USD
1 DaySillustani Tour– USD– USD
1 DayRoute of the Sun Tour90 USD90 USD
2 DíasUros, Amantani and Taquile Tour55 USD55 USD
7 DíasInfinite Cordillera Tour 7 days 6 nights845 USD845 USD
10 DíasAmazing Peru Tour: Lima, Cusco and Puno1,088 USD1,088 USD

The provinces and tourist attractions of Puno

Puno has a geography of mountains, plateaus and even the Amazon jungle. Know all the provinces of the Puno region and the tourist attractions that you can visit on your trip.

Puno Tourism
ProvinceMain tourist attractions
AzángaroChullpas of Azangaro, patron saint festivities, Arapa lagoon, Azángaro thermal baths.
CarabayaSnowy Allincapac, Olaechea thermal baths, Pitumarca citadel, Toqa canyon, Qquilli-qquilli cave paintings.
ChucuitoJuli city, Chucuito churches, traditional festivities.
The CollaoTemple of San Miguel, Church of Santa Barbara, Archaeological Site of Calacota, Monolith of Mortini, Archaeological Site of Checca.
HuancanéEscallani community, Huancané river, Paqcha thermal baths, Tambolakaya de Asiruni archaeological site.
LampaSantiago Apóstol Church, Cal y Canto colonial bridge, replica of Michelangelo’s Piedad, Chinchillas hatchery.
MelgarMaucallacta citadel, Maucallacta archaeological site, Pojcpoquella thermal baths, Andaymarca thermal baths, Tarujani puya forest.
MohoParu-Paru Archaeological Complex, Soto Island, Suasi Island.
PunoFestival of the Virgin of Candelaria, Taquile Island, Amantani Island, Uros Island, Sillustani.
Saint Anthony of PutinaWenceslao Molina thermal baths, El Infiernito thermal baths, Putina thermal baths, Nevado de Ananea.
SandiaArchaeological site of Mauka Llacta, ceremonial center of Pukará, ruins of Llacta Pata
San RománCaracoto park and viewpoint, Chacas lagoon, Juliaca city.
YunguyoWiñaymarca Archipelago, ecotourism on Lake Titicaca, Festival of San Antonio de Padua.

Everything you can do in Puno!

Puno is famous for Titicaca, the highest navigable lake in the world. In its waters you can carry out various activities from experiential tourism to cultural tourism or visiting archaeological sites. Learn about the activities you can do in Puno.

What tourist services should a tour in Puno include?

Puno offers different tourist services for half a day, one day, two days or more. All tours, if they are organized by a serious and formal tourism agency, offer comfortable and safe services that include hotel pick-up, transportation, professional guide, entrance fees, and more. The most famous tours include a visit to Lake Titicaca (tour to the island of the Uros, the island of Amantani and the island of Taquile).

  • Pick up of the tourist from the door of his hotel.
  • Full tourist transportation (including motorboat transportation on Lake Titicaca).
  • Entrance to all tourist attractions.
  • Professional bilingual tour guide service (Spanish or English).
  • Food in local communities (in tours of one day or more).
  • Accommodation in tourist homes (for tours of more than 1 day).

The main tourist attractions of Puno

Puno is a region that receives about a million tourists a year. Its main tourist destinations are the islands and communities that inhabit the emblematic Lake Titicaca, such as: the island of Uros, the island of Amantani and the island of Taquile. Learn more about the main tourist destinations in the Puno region.

Cañon del Colca

Lake Titicaca

Titicaca is the largest lake in South America. It is also the highest navigable lake in the world. It is famous for its deep blue waters and clear skies. It is located at 3,800 meters above sea level. There is a diversity of flora and fauna.

Mirador de Yanahuara

The floating island of the Uros

The Uros are an Aymara community that have inhabited Lake Titicaca for hundreds of years on more than eighty floating islands (made of wild plants). The Uros are famous for their traditions, clothing and culture. They are only 7 kilometers from the city of Puno.

Monasterio de Santa Catalina

Amantani Island.

Amantani is an island on Lake Titicaca that covers an area of 3.4 square kilometers and is located 4.4 kilometers from the Capachica peninsula (and 70 kilometers from the city of Puno). It is famous for the lifestyle of its population. There it is possible to carry out experiential tourism tours.

Volcan Misti

Taquile Island

Taquile Island is one of the Aymara communities that inhabit Lake Titicaca. They are located 45 kilometers from the city of Puno (belongs to the community of Amantani). It is famous for its viewpoints and the traditions of its inhabitants. The highest point of the island is 4,050 meters above sea level.

Questions and answers about the trip to Puno

Traveling to Puno is knowing the lifestyle of its inhabitants, surrounded by an incredible landscape. Lake Titicaca. Learn about the most frequent questions asked by visitors interested in visiting the ‘Capital of Peruvian folklore’.