September is the beginning of spring in Peru

September is the month where winter ends and spring begins, in the Andean areas it is possible to see the beginning of spring and observe how the crops are growing. This month is celebrated in Peru, Youth Day and some universities hold parties and celebrations for students. This is not all that can be done in Peru during the month of September; all the multiple activities and destinations that Peru offers, can continue to be done in all regions of this country.

Huanchaco – Trujillo

September is a good time to travel to the north of the Peruvian coast. In this place the rains are scarce and it will always be a good option for those who like the beaches, you can also take other tours such as the Peruvian jungle and also some religious festivities in honor of the Patron Saints and Blessed Virgins in central regions of Peru. Let’s get to know some options to do in September.

In September the trips to the north continue

As we have just mentioned, it is possible to visit the beaches of northern Peru. An option near the north, you can visit the region of Cajamarca. This time we recommend doing it with tourist packages that will give a perfect balance to the vacations. The good thing about traveling with an agency is that you don’t have to worry about looking for a hotel or tickets to some venues. You will also have adequate itineraries to not demand too much from your body and still maintain energy for the rest of the day.

Another travel option for the month of September is Huaraz, this region is purely touristic so it will not be difficult to find a good travel agency. From this region it is possible to see the Cordillera Blanca, where the beautiful valley formed by the Santa River is located, which forms the Callejón de Huaylas. It will also be possible to find some archaeological sites such as the Chavín Culture, see vestiges of the expansion of the Waris and Incas that left some constructions such as the case of the Huilcahuaín temple, which is located a few kilometers from the city of Huaraz.

Iquitos is also a good way to start spring. There are different packages for which you can take a direct flight to this place and enter the forests following the riverbed. The lodges that are offered are wonderful because they allow you to feel the depths of nature with adequate comfort. You will need to have a good amount of mosquito repellent and don’t be afraid of getting wet from the rain. The average temperature in Iquitos during the month of September is of 25°C. It will be possible to live together and learn about the culture of the Amazonian tribes.

Religious celebrations continue

sr de huanca cusco
The Sanctuary of the Lord of Huanca

In September, one of the oldest religious services of the Catholic Church in Peru is held. The Captive Lord of Monsefú began with the arrival of the image of the saint on September 14, 1547. It arrived from Spain disembarking on the beaches of Pimentel. Since then he continues to be celebrated quite vigorously in the Monsefú district. Monsefú is located in Chiclayo, this district is one of the most believers, the entire population gathers for the procession, especially during the central days from September 14, 15 and 16.

The month of Tacna arrives, during the month of September worship is rendered to the Lord of Locumba, in the district of Jorge Basadre. The entire population participates in these ceremonies, from the military to civilians and private companies share the organization of this celebration. It is estimated that the celebration has more than 230 years of worship. Everything starts on September 12 so that on the central day (September 14) every detail is ready. In previous days, a pilgrimage begins that gathers believers from other regions. It is estimated that the distance is approximately 100 kilometers, some of the faithful in the section near El Calvario begin to walk on their knees as absolute devotion.

In the Cusco province of Calca, in the district of San Salvador, one of the most massive cults takes place. The Festivity of the Lord of Huanca, this festivity has as its central day September 14 and activities begin to be carried out from the 4th. However, faith towards this lord is daily and throughout the year. Many people arrive with their vehicles to have them blessed, it is considered a protector of travelers and carriers. During the main week, especially the central day, a pilgrimage takes place from 5 to 7 hours. In this festivity it can be seen that the Apu Pachatusan, a large mountain that stands near the sanctuary of the Lord of Huanca, is also worshiped. After worshiping him and before descending to the temple, they build small stone towers, as a way of asking for favors from both the Apu and the Saint. Near the sanctuary, you can buy souvenirs to have them blessed.

Some destinations to continue learning about Peru

setiembre peru

During the last week of September you can appreciate the La Reina del Cañaveral festivity, with the arrival of spring this two-day event is held in the Chincheros district of the Apurímac region. The colors of spring and the typical costumes of the dances that participate in this event adorn the entire population. The main function is the election of Queen Canaveral, you can do different activities such as getting to know this district, watch the swimming competition and enjoy the gastronomy based on guinea pig, chicken and chuño.

The last week of September the Ica region promotes different activities to encourage tourism and the tourism market. This event is known as the tourist week of Ica. Another way to promote tourism is the Mistura Gastronomic Fair, which takes place in the city of Lima, where all the exponents come from different parts of Peru. It is an event that has the purpose of demonstrating the great variety of food and therefore of the cultures that make up this country; This activity is usually carried out in the fortnights of September.

The extreme adventure cannot be missing

Three canyons of Suykutambo

Also in fortnights of this month, it is the anniversary of La Rioja, in the San Martín region, which belongs to the Peruvian Amazon, the open cycling contest “Gran Premio de Rioja” is held, where all the residents gather to celebrate with the presence of local and international bands and artists. In Rioja, at the same time, the tourist week is promoted with the best of the local gastronomy and many more activities.

The last week of September, Apurímac opens its doors to hold an Adventure Sports Festival. Being located at a high altitude, this region allows for events related to extreme sports such as paragliding, canoeing, downhill, and mountain climbing. Also other activities that cannot be missing anywhere in Peru such as its rich gastronomy and getting to know some of the communities and destinations that Apurímac has and even doing the Anise Route.

Something that draws a lot of attention from visitors and locals is the International Raft Race through the waters of the Amazon River. This competition takes place in the Loreto region from September 30 to October 3, although the dates may vary. The competition brings together participants from all over the world. The main rule for this event is that the groups must assemble their own raft, those who dared to compete should take into account that to win you have to navigate 180 kilometers. The competition lasts 4 days, so it is quite an extreme adventure challenge.