April, religious month, of mountains and cultural tours in Peru

New options arrive in April, there are different destinations in Peru, you can start tours on your own or purchase tour packages through an agency to learn more about this impressive country. Let’s get to know new destinations and review some others that bring new experiences. In the month of April we will know much of the multiculturalism that Peru has.

Lord of the tremors in Cusco

April, discover a new Peru

April represents autumn in Peru, but this is not bad news, on the contrary, it is the announcement of new ways of getting to know the country. It is also the beginning of religious activities that link the Peruvian nation with its more Catholic side. Let’s start this article by naming some of these activities that are carried out more popularly; the first of them is carried out worldwide, but in Peru, it has a particular color and distinction, we are referring to Holy Week, during these 7 days the most compromised region, to put it in some way, is Ayacucho, this is where the festivity acquires a cultural value where the faith and syncretism of the Catholic and Andean world are expressed in their maximum representativeness. The particular way of celebrating it catapults this ceremony above many religious festivities worldwide.

Holy week in Ayacucho, It begins with the entry of Chamiza, which is evidence of syncretism with the Andean paradigm. In Ayacucho ten days of different activities are celebrated, so the first day is the Chamiza, followed by Andas and Apuyaya Jesus Christ, after these three days the 7 holy days are followed normally. This festivity brings together thousands of faithful, who carry out different activities related to this special date. Glory Saturday is the day most awaited by visitors who gather in the Plaza de Armas of Huamanga. On Glory Sunday you can see the Lord of the Resurrection through the streets who has a huge glass coffin.

Another religious activity that in recent years has been gaining considerable popularity is the Patron Saint Festivities in Julcán, a district that belongs to the Junín region. During the celebrations whose main day is April 15, there are religious acts that have a lot of tradition, where the district authorities and the surrounding communities participate. In reality, the entire population together with the visitors, fraternize in a celebration charged with faith and at the same time with singing and dancing expressed in devotion. This festivity gained considerable popularity due to the dance and songs of the Tunantada, a dance that expresses freedom and satire at the same time. This dance imitates the colonial time and the behavior of the Spanish. This dance is one of the most representative of Junín and the province of Jauja.

Important cultural activities in April

caballo de paso
Peruvian Paso Horse

One of the traditions that the colony left and stayed in Peru with many followers was horse breeding. On the Peruvian coast, much of this tradition can be appreciated, since the climate is the ideal condition for raising foals. In the Lima region, precisely in the district of Lurín, the National Peruvian Paso Horse Contest is held every year. This event brings together the best hatcheries from all over the country. Around 700 animals congregate, all correctly trained and with the gallantry that characterizes them. Some of the breeders turn to other regions outside the country and raise the foals in Ecuador, Coombia, and even Central American countries. During the contests, boys and girls aged 6 and over participate in their corresponding categories.

An important option is to take a trip to Cusco, during the month of April the trips towards the magical Andes begin. During this month the rains decrease and makes the tours of the archaeological sites less complicated. In this way, you can enjoy walks without haste or climatic setbacks. This same thing opens the doors to other destinations in the south of the country, one option there is to visit Puno and its tourist destinations. During the month of April one of the islands of Lake Titicaca celebrates its anniversary. The island of Amantani (or district, as it is politically known as such), celebrates its anniversary every April 9. Visiting this destination is like visiting a small country, since, during its anniversary, the inhabitants have fun with native songs and music that they inherited from before the Spanish colony. This island not only offers that, but the tourist service is special, some homes open their doors and offer experiential tourism service where the visitor learns all the customs of the inhabitants. Amantani offers a great variety of flora and fauna and a spectacular landscape with beautiful sunsets and the special contrast between Lake Titicaca and the blue sky.

If your thing is to do this type of tourism, where you learn more about the cultures and ways of life, there are several options throughout Peru, both in Cusco, Ayacucho, Puno, Arequipa, they are main destinations for experiential tourism. Now we would like to talk to you about a destination that is not so well known. The Forest of the Nuwas, are located in the San Martín region that belongs to the high jungle, here we will enter the community of Shampuyacu. Here you will find a new culture, this service arose after the initiative of Awajún women, with the intention of not only reviving and recovering a tradition that was being lost, but also with the aim of promoting ancestral customs that are closely linked to respect for nature. . By visiting this place you will be able to discover the Alto Mayo Valley, which is a green paradise in the north of Peru.

April: an opportunity to start new adventures in Peru

Tambopata National Reserve
Tambopata Manu National Reserve

In the month of April other visits to the Peruvian jungle become possible, Madre de Dios is a region on the eastern side of Peru, this place is well known because there is one of the most beautiful national reserves on the entire planet, Manú . However, getting to this place is difficult during the summer and until April, in case the rains continue, but very close to this place we can visit the Tambopata National Reserve. Getting here is more Simple because from Puerto Maldonado you have to have a boat trip for at least two hours. In this reserve, we can find the collpas, which is a space of earth and clay where various birds such as macaws and some mammals live, also opening the possibility of navigating to Lake Sandoval. During this journey it will be possible to find river wolves and you can also visit some butterfly farms. It is really a special option.

Trips to the mountains are becoming more accessible, so tours of the Peruvian Andes are becoming more popular. One of these destinations and impossible not to mention is Arequipa, more precisely the towns of Chivay, Cabanaconde and Yanque to visit the viewpoint of the mountains of the flight of the condors. As the rains decrease, making tours to these places becomes possible with simpler means that do not include long hiking trails to see the Cotahuasi Canyon. It will also be possible to visit Andean towns that protect in their costumes and dances, all their tradition.

A getaway similar to the previous one is the trip to Huaraz and take the guided bus tours to visit the beautiful landscapes of this region. Simpler tours are offered to visit the Callejón de Huaylas and the Llanganuco Lagoon, these tours are made more colorful by Andean towns such as Huaylas Antas, Carhuaz; which are visited during the journey. You can also see the snow-capped Huascarán in all its splendor.

And if we want to continue further north, it is possible to return to the spectacular beaches of Piura and Tumbes. In the month of April, the northern coasts return to all their splendor since the rains of February and March stop. This area of Peruvian territory is home to true paradisiacal beaches, such as Playa Zorritos, Vichayito and Máncora to give a few examples. The water temperature is higher than in the south, it is an ideal place to enjoy with loved ones. In these places you can swim, dive and even surf; there are some tour packages that include swimming with sea turtles. We can also find natural destinations such as the Puerto Pizarro Mangroves and Amotape National Park.