December end of the year and opening of the new year

December brings important dates to spend with the family, such as Christmas and New Year. Receiving a new year for many is a new opportunity to start over, so they resort to cabals so that the new year is better than the previous one. Among these cabals, traveling always stands out, as a very way of changing scenery and expecting new things. Let’s see some destinations that you can visit during the month of December and some others to say goodbye to the old year.

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Blue Lagoon Tarapoto – Sports

December comes with summer

December comes with summer, so you can already appreciate some notable weather changes. For example, the heat on the Peruvian coasts is greater and the rains in the Andes fall more regularly, just like in the jungle. As for the jungle, the constant rains begin to wreak havoc on vehicle roads, especially in Madre de Dios. Some problems can also be seen on hiking trails, whether long or short, such as the famous route to Vinincunca, as well called Mountain 7 colors.

In this sense, it is recommended to make trips to the Peruvian coasts, the options are many, from Tumbes to Tacna. The entire coastline is ideal for travel, especially after the first week of December. The main differences between these two coastal areas is that in the north there is more land space, reaching a width of 170 kilometers, while that of the south is barely 40 kilometers.

These variations generate different types of beaches and ecosystems, while the one in the south is understood as a desert, the one in the north has warm climates with some humid areas. The temperature in the south during this month decreases to 17°C reaching 23°C. While the temperature on the northern beaches reaches 31°C on beaches that are further north.

Any of the destinations you choose, on the Peruvian coast, will be a good choice and even more if you enjoy the beaches, the activities that you can follow are varied.

Machu Picchu is a good option

During the month of December it is possible to make the trip to Machu Picchu, but by bimodal services. The hiking trails to Aguas Calientes, can suffer from some setbacks due to the heavy rains typical of the season. But when you arrive with transportation to the door of the archaeological site, the visit to the wonder of the world becomes easier. Walking the streets and the stone walls of Machu Picchu will have another perspective in the rain, as long as you enjoy the water. Always remember to bring a waterproof poncho and some snacks for the tour that lasts approximately 3 hours. Remember that you cannot leave waste or rubbish in the enclosure.


In case you dared to visit Machu Picchu, you will have to get to Cusco where you can take tours of the Sacred Valley of the Incas (made up of places like Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Moray and Chinchero) or take the City Tour, in case the rains do not seem pass. We recommend you take the tour of the Baroque Route, another similar option will be to visit other religious buildings. In case you need a break, another alternative is to visit a cafeteria and contemplate the rainbows that form when the rains stop falling and the sun appears again.

Other options with risk of soaking

It is the rainy season, but that cannot prevent you from knowing more destinations in Peru, the alternatives that we will mention are located in the Andes, the first option is Cusco, which we have just presented to you. The following options are located in the northern Andes. An option very similar to Cusco is Cajamarca and the Amazonas region, we cannot guarantee that you will not get wet, we can only guarantee that you will have a good time and discover archaeological and natural treasures.


Cajamarca represented an important point for the Tawantinsuyo or for the Inca empire, this place stores a lot of Peruvian history as the famous Cuarto del Rescate, where Atahualpa, one of the last Inca rulers, offered gold in exchange for his release. Being considered an important point, it maintained buildings dedicated to the Inca deities, in this sense, after being completely destroyed, its foundations were used to make the Cathedral of Cajamarca, which has a special decoration of quite successful stone carvings. The style belongs to the Andean Baroque. This cathedral does not have complete towers because a grant was given to unfinished churches. Very close to this city we can find the Baths of the Inca, Kuntur wasi and more.

The Amazonas region, during the month of December, also has a higher probability of rain, but at the same time it is a way to enjoy a new and different adventure. The destinations that we can find are quite popular such as the Kuelap Fortress, the Karajía sarcophagi and some other destinations where you can appreciate and learn more about the Chachapoyas culture. In all the cities that we have just mentioned, you can find many museums where some findings that were made about the cultures of ancient Peru are displayed.

Kuelap Fortress – Amazonas

Tarapoto has magic

The Peruvian jungle is a place that over time is being more visited by travelers from all over the world, it is that little is said about this place that really hides magic among its abundant vegetation. During the month of December it is possible to take a trip to the Loreto region, to not only get away from the ravages of city life, but also to find some natural treasures that will stay forever in your memory.

Another impressive destination is located in the San Martín region, very close to Loreto, we are talking about Tarapoto, this place, during the month of December it is possible to visit it since we will still find a suitable climate to do all the activities that this magical destination has to offer. For example, you can walk to the Ahuashiyacu waterfalls and after that you can bathe in its waters. It will be important that you listen well to the legend of Ahuashiyacu to learn more about the culture of Tarapoto.

If you are looking for blue water, you will find it in Tarapata in the Sauce Lagoon, the blue waters of this magical place will captivate you due to the different attractions that are added to nature. You will be able to enjoy delicious food where you will discover the secrets of Amazonian gastronomy. Here you can do different activities such as canopy and kayak. You can also take tours on jet skis. The entire space is ideal for walking as a couple. The legends of this place say that mermaids live within its beautiful waters.

All the places that we mentioned and many others that we can find throughout the Peruvian territory, are ideal to wait for the new year. Do not hesitate to take a trip to Peru since you can always be surprised by all its magical and historical destinations.