March, the month to make up for lost time

In case the work has been complicated or a problem has occurred so that you cannot make the trip to Peru, you still have time to enjoy the summer and allow yourself to enjoy some other new options. Learn about some activities you can do in March. We will see alternatives that try to cover all of Peru to improve or multiply the options.

paracas peru

March the end of summer and the beginning of autumn

Before the end of the summer it is still possible to visit the Peruvian beaches, enjoy the sun and sand. Although there are some activities that you will not be able to do; it will be possible to visit a large part of the beaches and the best thing will be that you will have them just for you and a few travelers who also decided to pack their bags almost at the end of the summer. During the month of March it is ideal to go to the southern coast before the first fortnight.

The central and northern beaches will already have less rain. Ica and Paracas, are the main options, in March it is the perfect opportunity to find more sea lions in the guano islands. You can also visit archaeological sites, where you can find the mummies of Paracas culture, following these options it is possible to visit the Site Museum “Julio C. Tello” and learn more about Paracas National Reserve. This option will be accompanied by a visit to the sea.

Another destination to visit and carry out activities in front of the sea is Lima. This city, being the Peruvian capital, offers many activities and also a more temperate climate, both on the coasts and to visit the churches and other religious buildings, museums and archaeological sites; Thanks to the large number of destinations that Lima has, you will find, from free attractions and some sites you will have to pay for, all of them are worth it.

Auction of the carnivals

In case you have missed the opportunity to visit the carnivals in February, there are still a couple of options where you can enjoy the multicolored festivities, accompanied by music and songs that demonstrate the vitality of young people and adults. In reality, carnivals are for everyone. ages. Among these options we have the carnival in Apurímac, also known as Pukllay, which would mean “fun or play”. These carnivals are held in the month of March, the celebration is somewhat different from the others since Andean customs are prioritized, where the cultivation and planting of food are more important. In this sense, the dances, songs and music are made to thank nature for the food and fruits that can be harvested at this time of year. These carnivals are held in Andahuaylas, all the dances that arrive with their best steps dance in the Los Chancas stadium, where the choreography contest is held. In Andahuaylas you can enjoy Andean gastronomy, such as a pachamanca, chairo soup, baked guinea pig and more.

The Carnival Auction consists of having a big party after the official dates of the carnivals have passed. The auctions are the appropriate way to say goodbye to these beautiful parties of merriment and color. Tacna, in the south of Peru, also organizes this activity from the fortnights of March. During this activity, you can see parades of different folk groups from various regions of Peru and the world. In these parades, you can also find floats, children and adults wearing colorful costumes. At the end of the entire tour, the choreographies of all the dances are performed. Do not hesitate to visit the Great Auction of the Tacna Carnival, in southern Peru.

The hiking trails begin to be enabled

chavin de huantar
Chavin de Huantar Archaeological Park

The Peruvian Andes are always a spectacle, as we approach autumn the presence of rain decreases and it is possible to visit the hiking trails. The most awaited by adventure lovers is Inca roads, This activity consists of 4 days of hiking until reaching Machu Picchu. During the month of February it is forbidden to carry out this activity, so since March the tents, backpacks and hiking shoes are waiting ready to start the route. Also, you can choose between other options to get to Machu Picchu by a hiking route, For example, you can follow the already known Inca jungle, Salkantay trek, Huchuy Qosqo, these are some of the options to visit the wonder of the world along the paths that the Incas themselves traced.

We have just shown you some options for you to visit Cusco, however there are more places that Peru has. Other hiking routes that can be done are the Colca Canyon In Arequipa, crossing the Andes will always be a good option, especially if you do it on foot. Perhaps the most interesting option is to visit the Huaraz region, here it is also possible to find really extreme hiking adventure trips since the highest snow-capped mountain in Peru is located here, it will also be possible to visit the Temple of Chavin de Huantar and he always beautiful Callejon de Huaylas and why not, enjoy the beach.

Any of these regions will offer you unparalleled experiences, although all of them are in the Peruvian Andes, the experiences are unique, due to everything you will find on the route or during the outward and return journey. Likewise, you can enjoy these beautiful cities, for example in the White City or Arequipa offers different destinations such as the Santa Catalina Monastery, the different viewpoints of the city, the Arequipa Cathedral and many constructions based on white ashlar, if you want a beach you can travel just 3 hours from the historic center to the beaches of Mollendo.

Options to visit the Peruvian Jungleuana

iquitos amazonas
Chachapoyas – Amazonas

The climate in Peru is very varied in all its regions. In many cases the presence of rain makes it difficult to go to destinations in the interior of the country, this can be seen more in the Peruvian jungle area, to visit these places it is necessary to wait until the rainy season ends. This does not apply to Iquitos, because you can get to this place by plane or by river, of course the chances of getting drenched in rain are higher.

Chachapoyas in the Amazonas region is a special option, this place has many destinations to offer all visitors. Amazonas is in the north of the country and in its territory you can find a part of the mountains and another part of the jungle. Here you can start tours to the imposing Kuelap, very close to Chachapoyas, this construction at more than 3,000 meters above sea level, was built in the 11th century, it really is one more wonder that Peru has for the world. If you like trekking, in the Amazon region you can ascend to the viewpoint of the Gocta Waterfall, which is 700 meters high, among other activities.

If you enjoy nature, an option that you can do from any day in March is to take a flight from Lima to the Pucallpa airport, this, in the Ucayali region, once you arrive at this destination you will find many options to visit all of them with incredible landscapes, beautiful weather and a lot of adventure to go. The main options are the boiling Mayantuyacu River, the Cordillera Azul National Park, the Yarinacocha Lagoon, any of these options will allow you to take walks through the high jungle and learn more about the flora and fauna of the place.