June is the month of Tawantinsuyo and San Juan

During the month of June the activities in Cusco are very important, it is that not only the number of travelers increases, but also a series of activities are carried out. The most important ceremony of this month is the Inti Raymi that brings together Peruvians from all regions, but that is not all you can do in the month of June in Peru, you will also have options in the jungle of Ucayali and Loreto.

Inti Raymi Cusco
Inti Raymi Festival in Cusco

June arrives and the options can only multiply. In this month, you can do different trips, activities, enjoy shows and much more. Although it seems that the epicenter of this month is Cusco, we are wrong. The options are many both in the north, in the center and in the south of the country, if you already know Cusco and Machu Picchu and Peru is one of your favorite countries to vacation, we will show you other destinations that you can visit. Let’s start with some not so popular destinations to end in the most pampered destination that Peru has.

Little-Known Historical Spots in Peru

rescue room
Room of the rescue – Cajamarca

It seems that June is the perfect month to discover more places related to the vast history of Tawantinsuyo. It is that this empire was not only Cusco, it covered territory from the north of Chile and Argentina to the south of Colombia. All this territory expanded along the coast and the Andes. For this reason we can find different constructions along these geographical strips. We would like to show you two regions that may surprise you, also, being there, they will offer you other options that you can visit. The destinations that we will mention can be visited at any time of the year. Let’s take advantage of mentioning them for reasons of the Cusco festivities.

The first one is located in the Cajamarca region, where one of the last Incas of Tawantinsuyo, Atahualpa, was held captive. According to history and the chronicles, the Inca was in the current Baños del Inca de Cajamarca , where the Spanish tried to contact him, but this meeting was not held until later where he was captured. After his capture, it is said that he offered to fill a room or a room full of gold and silver for his ransom, this space is known as the Atahuallpa’s Rescue Room, which is currently presented as a house museum with the information of the case.

About 6 hours away by bus from Cajamarca, you can reach the Sierra de Piura at an altitude of 2950 meters above sea level. In this area you can find an important archaeological site for the expansion of the Inca domain, Aypate, located in the Piura district of Ayabaca, in this space, you can see constructions similar to those of Cusco, especially those dedicated to the worship of the gods that had finely carved stones. In addition to the buildings, you can perfectly appreciate the connection of the Inca roads in good condition, this being one of the main places where the capture of the Inca Atahualpa was urgently reported.

New Year’s festivities in Cusco

The Inti Raymi or Festival of the Sun, for the tradition of the Andean culture was considered a special date because it coincides with the winter solstice. Moment to start the renewal of the land to later start with the crops. The agricultural importance of the Andean culture motivated this celebration. Every June 24, Cusco carries out different activities representative of this important date, the most important being Inti Raymi, which is also seen as the triumph of the sun before the constant rains and is classified as the agricultural New Year.

June is the right month to visit all the archaeological and historical places in Cusco, the weather is right and different activities are carried out throughout the month. Inti Raymi currently brings together more than 800 artists who recreate the ceremonies of yesteryear. Remember to visit our blogs to have more information about everything you can do in Cusco.

Remember that from Cusco you can do different activities that include adventure sports such as hiking trails, cycling, canoeing and more. A special option in the case you cannot visit Machu Picchu due to the massive reservations that are made, is to hike to Choquequirao, a destination that few people reach but that requires a greater effort. Choquequirao is considered the sister of Machu Picchu.

The central jungle is also partying


Días antes del Inti Raymi, en otras regiones del país se puede apreciar diferentes festividades en el centro del país, como la que ocurre en Huancaní, en la provincia de Jauja y región de Junín. Durante tres días la población sale a bailar y cantar en honor al santo patrón de la localidad. Pero ello no es todo, en la región de Ucayali, se realiza el gran Festival del Chullachaqui. El 19 de junio se realiza una fiesta que congrega lo mejor de la cultura, el turismo, la gastronomía y el arte de esta región. En algunas noches previas se pueden realizar noches espirituales encargadas por chamanes recocidos de la zona, que guían a los visitantes a estados de liberación, también se organizan concursos de trajes típicos, concurso de grabados y esculturas y muchas otras actividades con el fin de atraer más visitantes.

The party of San Juan

In June, the options to visit the jungle are many and under the same festivity, all the regions of the Peruvian jungle enter into a party on June 24 to celebrate the Fiesta de San Juan, this festivity is held because during the colony, a group of missionaries decided to name San Juan as patron saint of the Amazon. This biblical character is sanctified and is very important because he is in charge of the baptism of Jesus. The missionaries, locating themselves in an area with an excessive presence of water in rivers and lakes, decided to protect themselves under the name of said saint.

Over time the festivities began to change, at first they were religious ceremonies and small meetings between the missionaries, with the passing of time the population increased, who were in charge of giving another nuance to this celebration. Filling it with dances, music and color. The nuances of the jungle, both flora and fauna, are incorporated into this festivity. The different regions of the jungle each manifest their own way of celebrating it, from Manú to Loreto, the entire eastern fringe of Peru enjoys a spectacular party. Some of these regions hold the parties from 2 days before or continue the party days after.

The alternatives are many, during this month you can visit any region of the country without any problem, if you want more information we recommend you follow our blogs where you will find in detail each activity that you can do throughout Peru.