Tour 3 days: City Tour Cusco and Machu Picchu special package

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FromUSD 440Peruvian price USD 390

About this tour

  • Start: From your arrival at Cusco airport
  • Duration: 3 days.
  • Type of transport: Minivan Sprinter, fully equipped and comfortable
  • Group: 16 people (maximum).
  • Tickets included (no queues): Exclusive reserve
  • Tour guide: In English and Spanish (shared service).
  • Feeding. (Option) Buffet lunch day 2.
  • Lodging: Hotel 2 nights.
  • Payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, PayPal.
  • Immediate confirmation.


  • Machu Picchu is the main attraction of Cusco. Many travelers or visitors come to Cusco with the only need to reach the wonder of the World, however, it is not the only destination that we can visit. Very close to the city of Cusco there are many destinations that we can visit in just one afternoon, these destinations belong to the City tour Cusco. In this package we will be able to make the City tour Cusco and make a special trip to Machu Picchu.

This is the experience

  • We will begin the service with the reception of our clients at the Cusco Velasco Astete airport. After that our agent will accompany you from the airport to your hotel in a private transport. In the afternoon, the Minivan service will pass by your hotel to start the Cusco city tour, the service will be shared with other visitors. After 4 hours of tours of Sacsayhuaman, the Cathedral of Cusco and other destinations, we will be able to return to our hotel. The second day we will leave early in the direction of Aguas Calientes by a bimodal service (bus and train). Upon arrival we can ascend to Machu Picchu in the ecological buses, that same day we will return to Cusco. The third day we will accompany you to the airport.


Single room
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4 star hotel630 USD600 USD600 USD600 USD580 USD580 USD580 USD560 USD560 USD
Double room
2 star hotel415 USD385 USD385 USD385 USD365 USD365 USD365 USD345 USD345 USD
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Day 1: Arrival to Immortal Cusco

  • As soon as you access our services, you will have to inform us of the arrival time in Cusco so that one of our agents will wait for you.
  • Our agent will be correctly identified, after the proper presentation they will leave in the direction of the hotel you have reserved.
  • In the hotel you can rest and leave your belongings. Before 2:00 p.m. we will pick you up from your hotel to start the Cusco City tour.
  • The City tour consists of visiting Coricancha, Cusco Cathedral, Tambomachay, Pucapucara and Sacsayhuaman.
  • We will finish after approximately 4 hours of travel in a central place.

Day 2: Trip to Machu Picchu

  • Breakfast this day will be provided at the hotel where you spent the night.
  • The minivan will pass by your hotel at the agreed time, which can be from 4:40 to 5:00 in the morning. This with the intention of arriving early at the Wanchaq station.
  • Depending on availability we will leave the station in the direction of Ollantaytambo or Poroy. If there is time you can enjoy breakfast at the train station.
  • The last step to get to Aguas Calientes is to board the train. In either case, it is expected to arrive in Aguas Calientes between 9:00 and 9:30 in the morning.
  • One of our agents will wait for you at the exit of the train station, he will accompany you to the exit of ecological buses.
  • The buses only take 30 minutes to get to Machu Picchu. The wait will not be long because the departure frequency is a maximum of 15 minutes.
  • Once we arrive at Machu Picchu, we will enter with our guide and we will do circuit 2. The estimated time is 2 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Circuit 2 allows you to take a postcard photo of Machu Picchu and see a large part of the temples and Inca constructions.
  • The return is simple, you only have to board the return bus to Aguas Calientes. If the client reserved his lunch at the Tinkuy restaurant, he will be able to have lunch before descending.
  • You will have free time for lunch or a walk. Remember to be aware of the departure time of the return train.
  • The train trip will be to Ollantaytambo, after that we can leave in the direction of Cusco by bus or minivan.
  • It is estimated to arrive in Cusco at 9:00 p.m.

Day 3:

  • This day will be coordinated with our agents to transport you to the airport.

It includes

  • Reception at the airport on arrival in Cusco.
  • Hotel reserved for two nights in Cusco.
  • Breakfast at the hotel on the second and third day.
  • To start the itinerary we will pick you up from your hotel.
  • Tickets for the City tour destinations.
  • Expert guide in the City Tour.
  • Transportation service to Machu Picchu (round trip).
  • Printed and digital tickets for Machu Picchu.
  • Expert guide in Machu Picchu.
  • Discount option on buffet lunch at Tinkuy restaurant (second day),
  • Option to cancel the tour.
  • Breakfast at the hotel (third day).
  • Option to improve the train service on the return route.
  • Food not specified.
  • Drinks and fruits.
  • Photographic camera.
  • Mosquito repellent.
  • Tips.
  • Hiking poles.
  • Transportation to other unspecified destinations.

What to bring

  • To enter all the archaeological sites it will be necessary to present your identity document or passport.
  • When visiting the City tour, take a backpack with water and a hat or cap against the sun.
  • Appropriate footwear for long walks.
  • Sunscreen.
  • During your visit to Machu Picchu you will need a hat, water and sunglasses.
  • Bathing clothes to go to the thermal baths of Aguas Calientes.
  • Light clothing on both tours.
  • Remember to bring your camera with 100% battery.
  • A waterproof poncho for both the City tour and the visit to Machu Picchu.
  • You can bring some snacks or nuts.
  • Cash.

Where does the tour start and end?

  • The first day we will arrive in Cusco and we will know the most important points.
  • The second day, we will pick you up from your hotel to make the trip to Machu Picchu, that same day we will return to Cusco.
  • The third day we take care of transporting you from your hotel to the airport.

Will I feel altitude sickness?

  • You may feel a bit of discomfort on your arrival in Cusco. Cusco is located at 3,399 meters above sea level. and many visitors experience some discomfort.
  • The symptoms usually do not progress beyond the headache and malaise.
  • In case of persistent nausea and dizziness, rest for a moment until your heart rate stabilizes.
  • Consume a lot of water, if possible avoid alcohol and tobacco.

Why take services from an agency?

  • You will have all the necessary services from your arrival in Cusco.
  • All the reservations you want can be made months in advance.
  • You can access private services with the same services and even better.
  • Our contact is via WhatsApp or

Frequent questions

Do I have to book in advance?

It is recommended to make reservations one or two months in advance to do this tour. You only have to contact our sales advisors and you will be able to see the options and availability to visit Machu Picchu.

In which months is it best to visit Machu Picchu?

Los meses con más frecuencia de visitantes es desde abril a octubre, meses en los que las lluvias descienden y caen con menos frecuencia. Este es un factor importante para visitar Machu Picchu. El resto de meses, noviembre a marzo, la probabilidad de lluvia es mayor. En ambos casos se puede visitar Machu Picchu con una experiencia especial y única.

What is Aguas Calientes like?

Aguas Calientes is a special district because it is quite small, but it has everything you need. In addition, it is considered as a population free of carbon emissions. In this place we can find bars, restaurants, clubs and hotels.

Is it a tour for all ages?

Yes, the way to get there is quite simple and does not present any kind of risk, it can be done by both children and the elderly.

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