Palomino Islands full day tour

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About this tour

  • Start: Pick up at the hotel door (between 9.15 am and 9.45 am).
  • Tickets included: No more queues, tickets included
  • Duration: 5 – 6 hours.
  • Type of transport: Modern boat well equipped and regular capacity.
  • Tour guide: In English and Spanish (shared service).
  • Payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, PayPal.
  • immediate confirmation.


  • Half-day tour ideal to have a tour of the Lima coasts and take a tour of the historical places of the Peruvian Navy. For example, visit the War Dock in Plaza Grau. From this point the trip begins in the modern boat, to make the circuit through some neighboring islands of Callao. It will be possible to see in the distance El Frontón (Penitentiary Institute of Peru). Further on you will reach the beautiful Palomino Islands where you can see a large number of guano birds, Humboldt penguins and even sea lions. If the tourist wishes, they can navigate with these animals.

This is the experience

  • Getting to know the Palomino Islands is easy from the city of Lima. In this tour, it is possible to do the tour from the door of your hotel since we will have pick up from your hotel. After the collection of the entire group is complete, the transport will take us to Callao, where we will learn historical details from the guide. The first point to visit is the War Dock in Plaza Grau. From this port begins the trip along the coasts of Callao towards the islands of La Punta, Chucuito, Camotal, San Lorenzo Island, Frontón, Cabinzas Island, which is from a place populated by guano birds. After this tour begins the main attraction that is Palomino Island. In this space you can swim with the sea lions and the Humboldt penguins and take the best pictures. Finally, the return is made and the services culminate at the hotel door.

Detailed itinerary

  • The pick-up will begin between 9.15 am and 9.45 am, so the tourist must wait with their belongings ready.
  • Along the way the rest of the travel group will be picked up.
  • The first destination to visit will be the War Dock in Plaza Grau in Callao.
  • Once aboard our modern boat, we will begin the adventure.
  • During the tour our guide will help us to better understand the history and details of the places we see.
  • The islands that we will visit are Punta, Chucuito, El Camotal, and El Frontón. It will also be possible to appreciate a large number of guano birds and sea lions.
  • During the trip we can get ready with swimsuits and floats to be able to swim in the sea.
  • In the sea, it will be possible to swim alongside the sea lions and Humboldt penguins.
  • It will be possible to capture many photos.
  • The swim with the sea lions will take place near the Palomino Islands.
  • After a prudent time, we will start the return.
  • The service will culminate at the hotel door, where you will be picked up at approximately 2.45 pm.


Palomino Islands Tour– SHARED SERVICE
Price per person
Minor (3-9)
Palomino Islands – All Inclusive130 USD85 USD
*Minors are considered from 3 to 9 years of age


  • Pick up from the door of your hotel.
  • Modern and well equipped boat to navigate to all destinations.
  • Access tickets to all destinations described in the itinerary.
  • Bilingual guide fluent in Spanish and English.
  • Lifejacket.
  • Transportation to return to your hotel.
  • Option to cancel the tour.
  • Transportation to other destinations.
  • Snacks, drinks, fruits.
  • Tips.
  • Swimwear.
  • Sunscreen and hats.
  • Transportation to other unspecified destinations.

What to bring?

  • Passport or identity document.
  • Cap or hat against the sun.
  • Comfortable and warm clothing.
  • Swimsuit.
  • Towel.
  • Water or drinks with snacks.
  • Glasses against the sun.
  • Comfortable shoes.
  • Cash.

Where does the tour start and end?

  • We will start our services from the door of your hotel between 9.15 am and 9.45 am.
  • It may be necessary to coordinate the end of the tour, some passengers prefer to get off earlier and other places to have lunch.

What are the Palomino Islands like?

  • It also receives the name of Palominos Islets. Geographically it belongs to the Constitutional Province of Callao.
  • It is considered one of the largest natural reserves for sea lions and sea birds.
  • It is 6 miles or almost 10 kilometers. It has a rock formation typical of the Peruvian coasts. The Palomino Islands are made up of 4 islets.

Is it necessary to go with an agency?

  • To answer this, it will be necessary to take into account that there are some travel agencies, they have all the services and others only tickets to the places.
  • As Machu Picchu Terra, our main function is to provide you with the best services so that you can make the trip without problems and with a recommended schedule.
  • If you want a private tour, you just have to request it with our sales agents.
  • Contact us at:, we will solve any doubt.

Frequent questions

Where are the Palomino Islands?

The Palomino Islands are approximately 40 minutes from the port of Callao. The trip is done in modern boats. To reach the ports of Callao, the trip can take between 50 to 60 minutes. Much will depend on the district where the journey begins. For example, from Miraflores, it can be reached in 30 minutes if there is not much traffic.

Is it possible to go with older adults and children?

Yes, this tour is easy to do and not everyone is required to swim in the sea. Children and adults can enjoy the boat ride and contemplate the landscapes and rocky islands. In addition to a large number of aquatic animals including mammals and guano birds. Other destinations that may be attractive are found on the islands that we can appreciate from the boat.

How’s the weather?

The weather will depend a lot on the weather conditions of the day. In general it is recommended to wear warm and light clothing at the same time. At the start of the excursion you may feel a little cold due to the sea breeze, but as you continue with the trip the heat will be strong and everyone will want to get into the sea.

Is it dangerous to visit the Palomino Islands?

No, it is a simple route. Actually, the whole family can do it. All the tourist team will have life jackets and also the indications of the case. Sea lions are not aggressive, however, you have to keep a certain distance to avoid any problems.

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