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Tour Sacred Valley + Maras and Moray of 1 day with all Inclusive

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About this tour

  • Start: I pick up the tourist at the door of his hotel from 6.30 am to 7 am.
  • Duration: 1 day.
  • Tickets included (no queues): Cusco Tourist Ticket (entrance to all the tourist attractions of the Sacred Valley of the Incas: Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero, Maras and Moray).
  • Type of transport: Large minivan fully equipped for all sites.
  • Feeding. Buffet lunch at the prestigious Tunupa restaurant in Urubamba.
  • Tour guide: In English and Spanish (shared service).
  • Payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, PayPal.
  • Immediate confirmation.


  • All the tourist attractions of the Sacred Valley of the Incas are included in this tour specially designed for a complete tour for visitors. This 1-day tour visits the town and archaeological site of Chinchero, the salt mines of Maras, the Inca platforms of Moray, the archaeological site of Ollantaytambo, the archaeological site of Pisac as well as a lunch in the famous town of Urubamba. All within a well-organized service that offers all the comfort to the traveler.

This is the experience

  • Start the tour very early in the city of Cusco with the tourist pick up at the door of their hotel. Then, on board our tourist transport, we will go to the town and archaeological site of Chinchero, palace of the Emperor Túpac Yupanqui. Our tour guide will give us the pertinent explanations. Then we will travel to the salt mines of Maras and the circular platforms of Moray where we will take some of the best photos of the trip. Our guide will always accompany us. Then we will arrive at the town of Urubamba where we will enjoy a delicious lunch in one of the best restaurants in the place. Then, we will continue the route to the town and archaeological site of Ollantaytambo where we will appreciate its immense Inca constructions. Finally, We will return to Cusco but making a stop at the Inca site of Pisac, one of the most impressive citadels of its time. The tourist transport and the guide will accompany us throughout the tour.


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VIP Sacred Valley Tour 1 day
Foreign70 USD
Peruvian60 USD


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Day 1:

  • Pick up from the tourist at the door of your hotel at approximately 6 in the morning.
  • On board our tourist transport we will leave the city of Cusco towards the Sacred Valley of the Incas. On the way we will appreciate the beautiful mountainous landscapes of the place.
  • The first stop is in the town of Chinchero where we will visit the town and the archaeological site of the place. There are the remains of the palace of Emperor Túpac Yupanqui. The visit will always be in the company of a professional tour guide.
  • The second destination to visit will be the famous Maras salt mines, a site famous for hosting thousands of natural salt wells that offer an extraordinary landscape.
  • The third destination, located a short distance from the salt mines, is the circular platforms of Moray. There you can take incredible photos of the set of circular terraces built by the Incas.
  • On board the tourist transport you will arrive at the town of Urubamba. There they will enjoy a delicious lunch prepared at the prestigious Tunupa restaurant.
  • The fourth destination to visit is the town and fortress of Ollantaytambo. Always together with our professional tour guide, you will appreciate the immense temples and platforms that were the scene of the bloody wars between the Spanish and the Incas in the 16th century.
  • The fifth destination, on the way back, will be the famous archaeological site of Pisac. This citadel housed many people. It has squares, streets, temples and even a cemetery.
  • Finally, the tourist transport will return you to the city of Cusco. The tour ends in a central square (close to most tourist hotels in the city).


  • Pick up from the hotel.
  • Minivan transportation to all sites.
  • Tour guide service in English and Spanish (shared service) in all places.
  • Entrance ticket to all the sites described.
  • Lunch in Urubamba.
  • Tour cancellation option.
  • Food not described.
  • Snacks and drinks.
  • Tips.

What to bring?

  • Passport (or identity document).
  • Hat or cap.
  • Comfortable clothes for walks.
  • A coat.
  • Raincoat for rain.
  • Snacks and drinks.
  • Comfortable slippers.
  • Sunscreen.

Where does the tour start and end?

  • The tour begins with the tourist picking up at the door of their hotel -valid only for hotels in the historic center of the city- (most tourist hotels are there). If your hotel is not there, the transport will pick you up at a central location in the city, such as a square.
  • The tour ends at Regocijo square in the city center (a few steps from most tourist hotels and restaurants).

How to prevent altitude sickness?

  • Altitude sickness or soroche can cause you some discomfort during your visit such as dizziness, fatigue or nausea. Try to avoid alcoholic beverages and fatty foods before the visit.
  • To reduce the symptoms, try to acclimatize the day before to the altitude of the city of Cusco. Drinking coca leaf infusions (a natural plant used by the Incas) is an excellent option.

Group or private services

  • The information described applies to shared services (for a varied group of tourists). If you want a private service (for your own group of family or friends) contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes this tour different from the classic trip to the Sacred Valley of the Incas?

The classic tour to the Sacred Valley of the Incas went through Pisac, Ollantaytambo and Chinchero. This VIP tour to the Sacred Valley of the Incas includes those same tourist sites along with Maras and Moray.

How much is the penalty for canceling the tour?

Once the tour is purchased, there is an option to cancel up to 3 days before. The penalty for this procedure is 35% of the value of the service (return of 65% of the cost of the tour).

Does the tour offer buffet lunch?

Yes, the tour offers a buffet lunch at the famous Tunupa de Urubamba restaurant (in the Sacred Valley of the Incas). The buffet is recommended for its quality and variety.

How much time did I spend at each tourist attraction on the tour?

Due to the many tourist attractions included in the tour, the time in each one is faster than usual. There is still time to visit each place and take the respective photos.

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