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Tour to the Mountain 7 Colors in ATV Full Day

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About this tour

  • Schedules: First shift: 3.30 am. / Second shift: 10 am.
  • Duration: Between 10 to 12 hours.
  • Type of transport: Spacious minivan full equipment.
  • Tour guide: In English and Spanish (shared service).
  • Feeding Buffet breakfast and lunch (lunch only in second shift).
  • Equipment: ATV full equipment, helmets, gloves and protectors.
  • Payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, PayPal.
  • Tickets: All income to Vinicunca included.
  • Immediate confirmation.


  • Visit the famous 7-color mountain on an incredible adventure tour that includes an unforgettable ATV route. Choose one of the two available times: 3.30 am or 10 am. Start the tour with the pick up from the door of your hotel in the city of Cusco. Travel to the starting point of the ATV adventure. After the adventure on wheels, take a short walk to Vinicunca, the 7-color mountain. The tour includes transportation, food, guide, entrance fees and complete equipment for the ATV route.

This is the experience

  • Enjoy the famous Vinicunca in a memorable ATV adventure. The tour takes place in two shifts: the first starts at 3:30 am and the second at 10 am. Start the trip with the pick up at the door of your hotel. Then you travel to Cusi Pata where you have breakfast or lunch, depending on the shift you choose. The ATV adventure is approximately 1 hour 30 minutes. Then there is a short 45-minute walk to Vinicunca. The return leg follows the same route.


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7 Colors Mountain Tour – IN ATV
Price91 USD88 USD


  • The tour begins with the pick up of the tourist at the door of his hotel. The first shift at 3.30 am and the second shift at approximately 10 am.
  • The first shift group (3:30 am) will travel by tourist minivan for 2 hours to the town of Cusipata, where they will enjoy a buffet breakfast (based on bread, butter, cereals, jam, coffee, herbal teas, fruits and more.
  • The second shift (10 am) does not include breakfast. It only includes a buffet lunch that will also be enjoyed in the town of Cusipata (after a 2-hour trip). Lunch includes meats, stews, rice, potatoes, beans, pasta, infusions and more.
  • After breakfast (or lunch) a short drive is made to the starting point of the ATV adventure in the town of Japura. There we will receive a quick ATV driving class.
  • After the previous preparation, we will begin the adventure in ATV. The journey is 1 hour 30 minutes surrounded by incredible landscapes. The arrival point will be the community of Qosqopata.
  • After the ATV adventure from Qosqopata we will hike for just 45 minutes until we arrive at the 7 colors mountain.
  • At Vinicunca the guide will give us an explanation and we will also have time to take photos and enjoy the beautiful landscape.
  • After the visit to Vinicunca we will return on foot for 45 minutes to Qosqopata, the point where the ATVs are.
  • Then another route begins in an ATV of approximately 1 hour 30 minutes.
  • In Cusipata the first shift group (3.30 am) will enjoy a buffet lunch. The second group (10 am) will return directly to the city of Cusco.
  • The tour ends at an average of 4 pm (first shift) and 7 pm (second shift).

The walk to Vinicunca through Qosqopata

The classic walk to the Mountain of 7 Colors begins in the community of Phulawasipata and takes approximately 2 hours. However, the ATV tour allows you to reach Vinicunca from another route, in the community of Qosqopata. The walk from this point takes only approximately 45 minutes. The classic route allows the option of renting a horse while the route through Qosqopata allows the option of renting a linear motorcycle. Both offer incredible landscapes before arriving at the Rainbow Mountain.


  • Pick up from the hotel (First shift: 3.30 am / Second shift: 10 am).
  • Buffet breakfast in Cusipata (not included in the second shift).
  • Buffet lunch in Cusipata.
  • Access ticket to the Vinicunca tourist circuit.
  • Entrance to the Mountain 7 Colors.
  • Comfortable and safe complete transportation.
  • Tour guide service in English and Spanish.
  • ATV equipment full equipment with safety equipment (helmets, gloves, etc.).
  • Tour cancellation option.
  • Final transport in linear motorcycle the mountain 7 colors (optional).
  • Snacks and drinks.
  • Tips.

What to bring to the tour?

  • Passport (or identity document).
  • Comfortable and sports clothing for adventure.
  • A coat.
  • Walking shoes.
  • Raincoat in case of rain.
  • Hat.
  • Snacks and drinks.
  • Sunscreen.

Differences of the Montaña 7 Colores tour: classic route and quad bike

The tour to the 7 Colors Mountain can be done in an all-inclusive tour or in an economic tour. Learn about the differences and similarities of both services and decide to carry out one of the most famous adventures in Cusco and Peru.

Vinicunca Tour
7 Colors Mountain Tour classic route7 Colors Mountain Tour ATV route
Beginning of the tourAt 5 am at the door of your hotel.First shift: 3.30 am / Second shift: 10 am
End of the tourAt 6 pm at the door of your hotel or in a central square of Cusco.At 4 pm (first shift) and at 7 pm (second shift).
Tourist attractions on the tourMountain 7 Colors, the Vinicunca.Mountain 7 Colors, the Vinicunca.
BreakfastBuffet type in a tourist restaurant in CusipataFirst turn in Cusipata (not included in second turn).
LunchBuffet type in a tourist restaurant in CusipataBuffet type in a tourist restaurant in Cusipata
Tourist transport Tourist minivan includedTourist minivan included
Additional equipmentWalking polesATV fully equipped with safety equipment.
Tour guideShared service (Spanish and English).Shared service (Spanish and English).
Entrance ticketsIncluding. The tourist does not need to make any additional payment to the tour.Including. The tourist does not need to make any additional payment to the tour.
Approximate walking time2 hours1 hours
Transfer optionOn horseback for additional paymentBy linear motorcycle for additional payment
Tour cost40 USD95 USD

Where does the tour start and end?

  • The tour offers two turns to carry out the adventure: the first begins with the tourist’s pick-up at 3:30 am. The second begins with the pick up at 10 am. Both have the same cost.
  • The tourist pick up is valid only for hotels in the historic center of the city. The vast majority of tourist hotels are located in this area. If your hotel is not there, the transport will pick you up somewhere central in the city, such as a square.
  • The tour ends at an average of 4 pm (first shift) and 7 pm (second shift)

How to prevent soroche?

  • Soroche or mountain sickness can cause you some discomfort during your tour. The most common symptoms are dizziness, fatigue or nausea. To reduce the symptoms, try to avoid alcoholic beverages and fatty foods, at least in your first two days in Cusco.
  • During the tour to Vinicunca it is recommended to acclimatize one day before to the altitude of the city of Cusco. Drinking coca leaf infusions (a natural plant used by the Incas) is an excellent option.

Group or private services

  • The information on this tour is for shared services. If you want a private service (for your own group of family or friends) contact us at

Frequent questions

Which time to choose? The 3.30 am shift or the 10 am shift?

There are two tour times: from 3.30 am and from 10 am. Both tours are recommended. The first starts very early, but includes breakfast. The second starts later but does not include breakfast.

Is the walk difficult?

No, the walk is not difficult. It lasts only 45 minutes on uphill and flat roads. It is recommended to go slowly, enjoying the beautiful landscapes.

Can I get a horse on the route?

Unlike the classic tour, in the quad tour there are no horses on the route. The walk is only 45 minutes and most complete it walking. However, if you require help you can request (for an extra cost) a linear motorcycle to complete the final stretch.

Is it dangerous to visit the Mountain of 7 Colors by quad bike?

No. The route is safe. Includes previous classes. The service offers a first aid kit. Likewise, the guide is a professional trained for emergency situations.

What should I bring to the tour?

During the tour it is advisable to bring layered sportswear (windbreaker jacket), comfortable pants for walks, rain poncho, sunscreen, hat, trekking shoes, water and extra cash (in PEN) to make last-minute purchases (drinks, meals, crafts, etc.).

How is the food on the tour?

The tour includes a buffet breakfast (only for the first shift) that includes: breads, jams, butter, quinoa, coca leaf, herbal teas, coffee, fruits and more. It also includes buffet lunch (for both shifts) includes: meats, sauces, stews, potatoes, quinoa, salads, rice, pasta, infusions, stews and more.

Does the tour include ATV driving classes?

Yes, the tour includes driving lessons prior to the ATV adventure. The classes are simple in charge of a specialist. Everyone will learn how to drive the ATV without problems.

At what times of the year is the Vinicunca covered in snow?

The best time to visit the Vinicunca is in the dry season (from April to October). In the rainy season (from November to March) snow can form that covers the mountain. This can cause not getting the dream photo of Vinicunca. The weather is unpredictable in the mountains.

How do I pay for the tour?

The purchase of the Vinicunca ATV tour is online on our web platform using Visa, MasterCard, Diners Club, American Express, PayPal and more. They are all secure methods that protect your personal data.

Can I change the date of the tour? Can I cancel the tour?

Yes, you only have to do it at least 3 days in advance (under a penalty of 10% of the value of the tour). Cancellation has a penalty of 25% of the value of the tour and must be requested no later than 3 days before the service. Requests are sent to

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