Salkantay Trek Tour 5 days

Places to visit: Machu Picchu, Abra Salkantay, Aguas Calientes.
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Can children do the Salkantay Trek?

All adventure-loving people can do the Salkantay Trek. Children are recommended to be over 8 years old and enjoy hiking or sports.

It is dangerous?

No. The Salkantay Trek is difficult but not dangerous. The roads are well signposted and far from cliffs. In addition, the tours have an extra horse to evacuate the tourist in case of any emergency. Tour guides have first aid equipment and knowledge.

When is the best time to go?

The dry season months are the best time to do this hike. During those days the possibility of rain is very little, so the roads are not swampy and the landscapes can be better enjoyed. On the other hand, the months with the most rain are January, February and March.

Can I hire more muleteers and horses than the tour offers?

Yes. The tour already includes the service of muleteers and horses to help carry the tourist’s luggage (maximum weight allowed of approximately 7 kilos). If you want to carry more weight than allowed, you can hire the service of a horse and muleteer for an extra cost.

How are the bathrooms during the walk?

During the days of hiking and camping, the tourist can use the bathrooms in the assigned campsites. These are basic but clean. In addition, during the tour of the towns of the place, such as Aguas Calientes, tourists can use the bathrooms available there.

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