Mountain Tour 7 Colors Full Day

Places to visit: The Vinicunca, Mountain of the 7 Colors, at the foot of the snowy Ausangate.
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Is it dangerous to visit the mountain 7 colors?

No. The tour involves physical effort and exposure to a geography of more than 5,000 meters above sea level. Therefore, it is difficult to make the final hike up the mountain. However, this route is not dangerous. The roads are firm and wide. The tour includes oxygen and a first aid kit.

How much does it cost to rent a horse?

Tourists who have physical problems, can choose to go on horseback the final stretch to the mountain 7 colors. The cost of this service (horse with muleteer) is approximately US $ 30. The amount is negotiable with the farmer who owns the horse.

Can I go with children?

The children who take the tour must like the walks. Preferably they must be over 8 years old. Everyone must be accompanied by their parents or an older person with whom they are authorized. Older adults can also take this tour, as long as they are in good physical condition.

Can the snow prevent you from seeing the coloration of the mountain?

On some occasions, the snow can cover the tops of the mountain in 7 colors, preventing you from appreciating its beautiful landscapes. However, it is rare that this happens. Most of the time, the tourist will be able to appreciate these landscapes without problems.


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