Half day ATV tour in Maras and Moray

Places to visit: Salineras de Maras, circular platforms of Moray.
FromUSD 66Peruvian price USD 55
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Frequent questions

Do I have to know how to drive an ATV to do the tour?

The tour includes a quick ATV driving class led by a specialized guide. Therefore, it is not necessary to know how to drive to complete the tour.

Is the tour dangerous?

No. The ATV tour is on flat roads where there are no dangers. No tourist has suffered an accident on the route. In addition, the tour includes protective equipment and first aid service.

Is the tour recommended for children?

Younger children can ride an ATV with their father, mother or an older person. Teenagers can drive their own ATVs under the supervision of their parent.

What month of the year is the best to do the tour?

According to experts who have already made their visit, the months from April to December are the best, since there is little chance of rain during that time of year. January, February and March are the rainiest months although it is also possible to do the tour. Any time of the year is good for this adventure!

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