Inti Raymi Full Day Tour

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FromUSD 240USD 205Peruvian price USD 130

About this tour package

  • Start: At 8 in the morning for the show in Coricancha.
  • Duration: 9 hours.
  • Type of transport: Spacious minivan full equipment.
  • Tickets included (no queues): Entrance to the orange zone (recommended), green zone or orange zone.
  • Tour guide: In English and Spanish (shared service).
  • Feeding. ‘Box lunch’.
  • Payment methods: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club, PayPal.
  • Immediate confirmation.


  • Cusco celebrates every June 24 one of the most amazing traditions in the world: the Inti Raymi festival. This gigantic staging revalues the Inca heritage through a festival in honor of the sun, just as the Incas did hundreds of years ago. This tourist package includes a seat on the esplanade of the archaeological site of Sacsayhuaman to appreciate the event. It also offers a tour guide service that will accompany you in the staging in the famous Coricancha temple and in the Plaza de Armas. The service also includes transportation and box lunch.


This is the experience

  • If you plan to visit Cusco on June 24, you should not miss the incredible Inti Raymi show in the city of Cuzco. The tour includes personalized attention from start to finish. It begins with the appointment at a meeting point in the center of Cusco and the accompaniment with a professional tour guide through all the stages where the show will take place: Coricancha, Plaza de Armas and Sacsayhuaman. Every detail of the show will be explained by the guide. The service also includes transportation all day as well as a nutritious box lunch.


Inti Raymi Full Day Tour
Green Zone205 USD130 USD
Orange Zone280 USD280 USD
Red Zone270 USD270 USD

Inti Raymi Tour Map

Mapa Inti Raymi Recorrido

Inti Raymi Zones

Zonas Inti Raymi


  • On June 24 at 7:45 am we will meet at the Valeriana café (in front of the Coricancha) to go to the Coricancha temple where the first performance of Inti Raymi takes place.
  • This staging is open to everyone, including local residents, so you will necessarily have to appreciate the show standing up, like everyone else. However, you can optionally add an entrance ticket to the tour to appreciate this show from a seat (subject to availability).
  • Then we will go on foot to the Plaza de Armas of Cusco, where the second staging of Inti Raymi will take place. This show is also open to the public, so it will be necessary to find a suitable location.
  • After the ceremony in the Plaza de Armas, the tourist transport will take us to the famous Inca fortress of Sacsayhuaman. There, each visitor will receive a box lunch to recharge their batteries. This staging is suitable only for people who purchased their tickets. As the tourist package includes entrance tickets, each visitor will enjoy the show in their respective seat with total comfort.
  • Optionally, the tourist can add a preferential location in the seats in the orange (recommended) or red zones.
  • The staging in Sacsayhuaman is the most spectacular of the Inti Raymi. It lasts approximately 2 hours (it ends around 3:30 pm).
  • Finally, in the afternoon the tourist transport will return the tourists to the center of the city of Cusco where the tour ends.

Difference Inti Raymi in Coricancha, Plaza de Armas and Sacsayhuaman

Show in Coricancha
Show in Main Square
Show in Sacsayhuaman
Exact locationQoricancha Esplanade (Avenue The Sun)Cusco Main Square s/nEsplanade of the archaeological site of Sacsayhuaman
Start time.9 am11 am2 pm
Duration40 minutes40 minutes2 hours
EntranceFree (optional seat for extra payment)FreeWith entrance (orange, green or red zone)
PublicStanding (seat at extra cost)Stand up everyoneArmchair included
SpectacleDance and music show. The Inca makes an offering to the sunOffering show of the committees of the four suyos. The Inca and the coya offer to the sun.Main ceremony of homage to the sun with the entire cast of the four suyos.
Included in the tour packageProfessional tour guideProfessional tour guideTickets and professional tour guide
RecommendableHat and sunscreenHat and sunscreenHat and sunscreen.


  • Pick up from the hotel.
  • Ample tourist transport.
  • Entrance tickets to the Inti Raymi show in Sacsayhuaman in the orange zone (recommended), green zone or red zone.
  • Tour guide service in English and Spanish.
  • Box lunch.
  • Immediate confirmation.
  • Snacks and drinks.
  • Tips.

What to bring?

  • Passport (or identity document).
  • Hat or cap.
  • Comfortable clothes.
  • A coat.
  • Raincoat.
  • Snacks and drinks.
  • Sunscreen.

Where does the tour package start and end?

  • The service begins with the group meeting at the meeting point of Café Valeriana (in front of the Coricancha esplanade).
  • The service ends at Plaza Regocijo in the center of the city (a few steps from most hotels and tourist restaurants).

How to prevent altitude sickness?

  • Altitude sickness or soroche can cause you some discomfort during your visit such as dizziness, fatigue or nausea. Try to avoid alcoholic beverages and fatty foods before your visit.
  • To reduce the symptoms, try to acclimatize one day before to the altitude of the city of Cusco. Drinking coca leaf infusions (a natural plant used by the Incas) is an excellent option.

Group or private services

  • The information described applies to shared services (for a varied group of tourists). If you want a private service (for your own group of family or friends) contact us at

Frequent questions

What day does the tour package take place?

The Inti Raymi (Fiesta del Sol) is celebrated every June 24 in the city of Cusco. It is the vindication of an ancient Inca celebration. Currently it is celebrated with an immense staging.

What type of ticket does the tour package include?

The tourist package includes the entrance ticket to the ‘Green Zone’ of the Inti Raymi show in the Sacsayhuaman fortress. This ticket is a general admission. There are tickets with better positions of the show. You can change a better entry by requesting it to our email.

Is the Inti Raymi show in Coricancha and Plaza de Armas free?

Yes. The Inti Raymi shows in the Coricancha temple and the Plaza de Armas in the city of Cusco are free for the general public. That is why a large crowd gathers. On the other hand, the show in the Sacsayhuaman fortress requires an entrance ticket.

How long does the Inti Raymi show last in Sacsayhuaman?

The Inti Raymi show in Sacsayhuaman (the most important) lasts approximately 2 hours. Hundreds of actors and actresses participate in this show who impersonate the Inca, his wife, his entourage, his army and hundreds of his servants.

Is it allowed to cancel the tour package?

No, the Inti Raymi service cannot be cancelled. It is recommended to choose the date properly to avoid setbacks.

Is it allowed to change the date of the tour package?

No, the tourist package is not subject to change of date. It is advisable to choose the date with certainty.

Are there discounts on the purchase of the Inti Raymi tourist package?

Yes, Peruvian citizens and children have discounts on the purchase of the Inti Raymi tourist package.

Where can I buy the Inti Raymi tourist package?

The Inti Raymi tourist package can only be purchased online through a tourism agency. You cannot purchase tickets or the tour in person in the city of Cusco.

What is the most recommended ticket for the Inti Raymi tour package in Sacsayhuaman?

The entrance to the orange zone is the most recommended since it allows a better angle of view of the show. The other entrances, green and red, also offer good viewing angles.

In what language is the guide in Inti Raymi?

The tour guide service in the Inti Raymi show is carried out in Spanish or English. Are you looking for a tour guide in another language? It is advisable to choose a tour package in private service. Just contact

Which Inti Raymi entry is the best?

Why choose the seats at the Inti Raymi show in Coricancha?

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