Tour to Inti Raymi Full Day

Places to visit: Inti Raymi in Coricancha, Main Square and Sacsayhuaman.
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What day does the tour take place?

The Inti Raymi (Festival of the Sun) is celebrated every June 24 in the city of Cusco. It is about the vindication of an ancient Inca celebration. Currently it is celebrated with an immense staging.

What type of ticket does the tour include?

The tour includes the entrance ticket to the ‘Green Zone’ of the Inti Raymi show in the Sacsayhuaman fortress. This ticket is a general admission. There are tickets with better positions in the show. You can change a better entry by requesting it to our email.

Is the Inti Raymi show in Coricancha and Main Square free?

Yes. Inti Raymi shows in the Coricancha temple and the Main Square in the city of Cusco are free for the general public. So a large crowd gathers. Instead, the show at the Sacsayhuaman fortress requires an entrance ticket.

How long is the Inti Raymi show in Sacsayhuaman?

The Inti Raymi show in Sacsayhuaman (the most important) lasts approximately 2 hours. Hundreds of actors and actresses who personify the Inca, his wife, his entourage, army and his hundreds of servants participate in this show.

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