The main destinations in Peru

Knowing all the destinations in Peru is possible, as long as you have the necessary time to make all the visits in all the regions of Peru. It is that Peru is not only Lima or Cusco, Peru is the 25 regions that make it up, all of them offer something special where they show a singularity compared to the rest of the regions. Find out more about these destinations and feel free to visit Peru.


As ​​in any country in Peru you can find all kinds of tourist attractions. Some that connect directly with the past and others that allow you to relive episodes from a few years ago. We can also find natural destinations to get in touch with it, these destinations are the most popular in Peru due to its geographical diversity, during the trip to these places you can do adventure sports in all its categories and if you like art and culture you can also find incredible destinations.

We organize destinations by the experience they can offer. That is, we separate destinations to visit such as archaeological sites and religious buildings, you will also find natural destinations which are essentially those in which you will necessarily do physical activities, especially hiking, but this will not prevent you from doing other sports adventure like biking, canoeing and more.

In current constructions we will mention some museums that you should visit in case you are in their respective regions. There are some samples that are really important and that determine the worldview, the religious value and the importance that the great lords of those times had.

Archaeological sites

Although it may not seem like archaeological sites, they can be found in many regions of the country and not only allude to the empire of the Incas, but you can also appreciate long-standing predecessor cultures, where we can go back to buildings from before Christ. Let’s get to know some destinations that you can visit during your visit to Peru, in case you are fascinated by the Inca constructions and others that also have a certain architectural enigma, these are some of all that you can find:

  • – Machu Picchu
  • – Huayna Picchu
  • – Sacsayhuamán
  • – Choquequirao
  • – Písac
  • – Ollantaytambo
  • – Pachacamac
  • – Kuelap Fortress
  • – Chavín de Huántar
  • – Caral
  • – Chan Chan
  • – Huacas del Sol y la Luna
  • – Piquillaqta
  • – Moray
  • – Puruchucu
  • – Vilcashuaman
  • – Sillustani

Religious constructions

The religious constructions come from Spanish rule and the intent to evangelize the entire population that they submitted under their rule. In Cusco, you can find a large number of churches, which were built on Inca constructions. However, over the years other constructions were created that gained importance during the time of the Peruvian colony. Many of these sites can be seen today as they looked at the time of their construction, all the constructions that we will mention contrast perfectly with the current buildings.

  • The Cathedral of Lima.
  • Cusco Cathedral.
  • The cathedral of Arequipa.
  • Ayacucho Cathedral
  • The Cathedral of Cajamarca.
  • The Monastery of Santa Catalina in Lima and Cusco.
  • The convent of Santa Catalina de Arequipa, has streets and small buildings in the shape of houses.
  • Convent and church of Santo Domingo, in Cusco, Arequipa and Lima.
  • In Cusco you can take the Andean Baroque Route to see some important temples that have decorations and art from the Cusco school.
  • The San Pedro Apóstol de Andahuaylillas church, also known as the Sistine Chapel of America.
  • The San Francisco convent in Lima and Cusco.
  • Las Nazarenas Church and Sanctuary of the Lord of Miracles
  • In Ayacucho and Cajamarca it is possible to see important constructions in reference to the Catholic Church.
  • Sanctuary of Santa Rosa de Lima.
  • Sanctuary of the Lord of Huanca in Cusco.
  • Church and Cloisters of the Society of Jesus in Arequipa.

Natural destinations

If you were attentive to the climatic conditions in Peru, you have been able to realize the influence of the 8 natural regions for the entire Peruvian territory. Now imagine the landscapes that you can find throughout Peru, many of these destinations necessarily need to walk at least 30 minutes, there are destinations that you can visit in just one day of excursion or trips in rustic boats and many other ways to venture into nature . Consequently, we will also find destinations that take several days of walking. But from the moment you leave the city you will see incredible landscapes. Here is a list of some options.

  • – Museum of Andean Sanctuaries in Arequipa.
  • – The Tumbes Mangroves National Sanctuary.
  • – Paracas National Reserve.
  • – The Titicaca National Reserve.
  • – The Nor Yauyos Cochas waterfall.
  • – Vinincunca or Mountain 7 colors.
  • – Palcoyo Mountain.
  • – The Valley of Geysers.
  • – Manu National Park.
  • – Salinas and Aguada Blanca National Reserve.
  • – Pacaya Reserve – Samiria – Loreto and Ucayalí.
  • – Pampa Galeras Reserve.
  • – Huascarán National Park.
  • – Pacaya Samira National Reserve
  • – The Vilcabamba Valley.
  • – The Red Valley of Pitumarca.
  • – The ways of the Inca.
  • – Tambopata National Reserve
  • – Río Abiseo National Park
  • – Monkey Island.
  • – Humantay Lagoon.
  • – Cordillera Azul National Park
  • – Yanachaga – Chemillén National Park.
  • – The Colca Canyon.
  • – The valley of the volcanoes.
  • – The White Mountains.
  • – The Gocta Waterfall.
  • – Llanganuco Lagoon.

Some other places you can visit

In case you have free time in the city, there are some places you can visit, some of those options are the ones we mentioned above, such as churches, convents and monasteries. These constructions, in some cases, enable museums or exhibitions of paintings or sculptures by different artists. We want to take advantage of this space to recommend some important spaces for Peruvian history, other spaces that serve to learn about universal history, and also exhibition museums of different current themes. Let’s see:

  • – Museum of Andean Sanctuaries in Arequipa.
  • – Museum of the Inca of Cusco.
  • – The Real Felipe Fortress.
  • – UNMSM Natural History Museum.
  • – Cusco Natural History Museum
  • – Museum of Contemporary Art Cusco.
  • – Museum of Art of Lima.
  • – Popular art museum.
  • – Inkariy Museum.
  • – The Moral House in Arequipa.
  • – National Museum of Archaeology, Anthropology and History.
  • – Museum of Identification.
  • – Naval Museum of Callao
  • – Mario Vargas Llosa House Museum in Arequipa.
  • – House of Peruvian Literature.
  • – Eduardo de Habich Museum of Arts and Sciences – UNI.
  • – Aliaga House.
  • – Museum of Religious Art.
  • – Museum of Gold of Peru and Weapons of the World.
  • – Place of Memory – LUM.
  • – Government Palace or Casa de Pizarro.
  • – Santa Teresa Viceregal Art Museum.
  • – The park of legends.
  • – Saint Seiya Museum.
  • – Star Wars Museum.
  • – Transformers Museum.
  • – Machu Picchu Site Museum.
  • – Museum of Royal Tombs.
  • – The rescue room in Cajamarca.
  • – Museum of Pre-Columbian Art.
  • – Ayacucho Museum of Memory.
  • – Museum of Living Culture in Yucay
  • – Machu Picchu Museum of the Casa Concha.