What accommodations are there in Peru?

In Peru there are different lodging services from the most basic to the most sophisticated. The price to access these facilities varies according to the quality. But you can also access other types of hosting that are not conventional. In Peru we will find some places where it is possible to camp, visit lodges, pensions or hostels and also hotels of all categories.

Hotel Machupicchu

What type of accommodation will I find in Peru?

Peru, being a diverse country, offers different types of service and quality in accommodations. We will find eco-friendly services with all the comforts and services in unexpected places. In some places far from the main cities we will find diverse lodgings of different quality. The standard of these facilities will be based on the warmth of our hosts and the dedication that we will see in the food that we will find. Let’s get to know the types of accommodation from the most basic to the most modern in Peru.

  • Campsites in Peru

    Although there are not many camping areas in Peru, it is possible to camp in some places and during long trips. The most common can be found on multi-day hiking itineraries. Another alternative in case you need to camp is to request to be able to pitch your tent on some private property (it may be impossible the closer you are to the city).

    If you decide to camp in the open field, make sure you do it correctly and with the corresponding security, both from possible assaults, the presence of some animals and insects, landslides or possible floods.

    Knowing the weather conditions of the geographical area where you will camp will be important. Without this information, you will not be able to properly set up your camping gear and will likely have a bad night. The best camping destinations in Peru are available in all regions of Peru, especially on the Peruvian coast and the Peruvian Andes.

  • Households or families that provide hosting services

    Some of the benefits of Peru is that it allows for experiential tourism in different communities that are in charge of giving the visitor everything they need to have pleasant nights and days of cultural learning within peasant communities. In this type of tourism and lodging, it is normal for them to offer you to learn how to grow food, care for animals, how to weave and in some cases how to make a souvenir.

    Since these are rustic homes, it is likely that you will find little comfort. Another option, with a certain similarity, but with few comforts. It is the rental of furnished or unfurnished rooms for weeks or months. Although the best option is to take a furnished one. These rentals are offered by families as a way to generate income. Several higher grade students resort to this option to start their academic life, in the case of tourists they are also provided with some short-term spaces. This type of lodging can be found mostly in Cusco and Puno, although it will be possible to find it throughout Peru.

  • Rustic lodgings in the Peruvian jungle

    Although it seems unlikely in the Peruvian jungle you can find some cabins and rustic buildings that have everything you need to enjoy and be in contact with nature. The Eco lodges and some cabins installed in this place, allow a comfortable vacation of the highest level. Although the budget is high, they are really worth it, especially for their services.

    This type of accommodation is designed for newly married couples who want to start their life together away from it all. They are also suitable spaces for nature lovers and conservators since these buildings mostly meet sustainable tourism conditions. It is also visited by those who want to see animals in their natural state, you can find these lodgings in Iquitos, Tambopata, Manú and some other regions located in the Peruvian jungle.

    However, these are not all the lodgings that you can find in the jungle, it will be possible to find some cabins and tents to spend the night. They will not be as comfortable or have spectacular services, but they are less expensive. This makes them more accessible and is ideal for everyone who wants to get to know the Peruvian jungle more economically.

Are there guesthouses or hostels in Peru?

These are family buildings very similar to a house, but where shared spaces are set up for those who wish to spend the night. In these places you cannot leave your belongings in your room since they are shared and it is normal for people to only spend the night and continue with their trips. The price of these places is cheaper than many other places. If you take this service, remember to take care of your belongings or use the personal lockers that some hostels have.

Regarding the arrangements of the rooms, they usually have 1 to 4 beds and do not usually have great amenities. It is likely that you will also share the bathroom with the other travelers. You will also find beds the size of only one square. The good side of these accommodations is that you can exchange experiences and meet other travelers. However, always remember to be careful.

Hotels in Peru and their categories

The categorization of the lodgings is carried out to facilitate the information of the hotels and the possible services that you can find in each of these. The categories are based on the number of stars that each hotel can have. The maximum is 5 and the minimum is 1 star. In Peru we can find different establishments that vary with the certification that we have just mentioned.

Knowing more about the lodgings and denominations that are managed in Peru will help you a lot when choosing where to spend the night. In Peru it is customary to use the name “Hotel” for establishments that can access or have the possibility of being categorized in the future as 5-star hotels. While the word or name “Hostel” can only aspire to be categorized with a maximum of 3 stars. The MINCETUR of Peru is in charge of this regulation and categorization.

Both the hotel and hostel must meet a series of requirements to be called as such. This standard is based on the services they provide; any establishment that wants to receive this designation will have to undergo analysis and classification. The qualification and verdict of the building will correspond to the facilities, electricity services, water, drainage, area of ​​the rooms, common areas and more requirements that must be met. As soon as the indicated specifications are met, the category obtained will be higher.

Prices according to tourist areas

While this may seem pretty obvious, we want to highlight this aspect so you don’t get caught in the middle of your journey. Lodging in tourist areas and cities will always have a high cost, especially in the first 8 months, that is, from January to August. Probably with certain variations in the last months before reaching August. When planning trips, something to keep in mind will be these details. You should think about a hotel that suits you, that is to your liking and also that makes it easier for you to carry out the itinerary that you have planned with an agency or on your own.

If you want to save, look for accommodation in advance through the hotel websites or through the applications that provide you with this option. Also in the applications you will find various options that may interest you such as shared accommodation in an apartment that are usually very comfortable and you will also have a kitchen to prepare your own food yourself. This type of service is known as Aribnb, which since 2015 has been used in many tourist sites in Peru and the world. Thanks to this new hosting management, you can find services very similar to hotels, but at a lower price.