Tour to the South Valley of Cusco half day with all inclusive

Places to visit: Tipón, Piquillacta, Andahuaylillas church.


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How long does the trip from Cusco to the South Valley of Cusco take?

The South Valley of Cusco is a geographical area of several very important but little visited tourist attractions. The trip from the city of Cusco to Tipón (the first tourist attraction in the South Valley) takes approximately 40 minutes (25 kilometers away).

What is Tipón and why visit it?

Tipón is an Inca archaeological site of great size and importance. It has terraces, enclosures, platforms, temples, viewpoints and, above all, channels and aqueducts. It is recognized as a masterpiece of Inca hydraulic engineering.

Does the tour include lunch?

No. The tour to the South Valley of Cusco lasts only half a day. It starts early in the city of Cusco (I pick up each tourist from their hotel) and ends in the same place, close to most restaurants in the city.

Does the tour include tickets to all tourist attractions?

Yes. The tour includes the entrance ticket to all the tourist attractions: Tipón, Piquillacta and the church of Andahuaylillas. Thus, the visitor will not have to queue to get the entrance ticket for each place.