Lunahuaná, adventure outside of Lima

Lunahuaná is one of the favorite tourist destinations for the people of Lima. It is located 185 kilometers by road from the city of Lima, about 3 hours 30 minutes of travel approximately. This destination is preferred by adventure lovers as it offers the practice of sports such as trekking, cycling, ATV rides and, above all, canoeing. Find out how much it costs to go, when is the best time to visit and more information about this destination.

Lunahuaná, adventure and good wine

Lunahuaná is considered a destination of adventure and good wine. The reason? Its geography is suitable for practicing sports such as trekking, cycling, canopy and, above all, canoeing on the Cañete River.

Most visitors come from Lima, the most important city in Peru. They come on weekends to enjoy its pleasant hot weather, its adventurous options, and the good wine produced there. There are approximately 60 producers of good wine there.

Many tourists like to visit the vineyards of the place where they can learn about the wine-making process. They can also participate in the characteristic 'treading of grapes'.

The gastronomy in Lunahuaná is also a good reason to go. There are times of the year when you can enjoy shrimp-based dishes. It is also possible to taste the crispy fried trout. If you go, don't forget to bring the delicious local fruit.

The little ones can also do activities such as horseback riding through the Lunahuaná vineyards. If they are over 8 years old they can even do boating, ATVs and other sports in the company of their father or mother.

History lovers can visit the archaeological site of Incahuasi. It is a curacazgo conquered by the Incas with streets, squares, enclosures and more. Admission to this historic place is free.

As you can read, there are plenty of reasons to visit Lunahuaná. Due to the high influx of visitors, there are already hotels and lodgings with good service. Without a doubt, it is an excellent option if you are looking to escape from the bustle of the city of Lima. Although there are 2-day tours, it is also possible to go on your own.

Where is?

Lunahuaná is located 185 kilometers by road from the city of Lima. It belongs to the district of Lunahuaná, province of Cañete, department of Lima.

It is located in a valley bathed by the waters of the Cañete River, at an altitude of 479 meters above sea level.


How to get to Lunahuaná from Lima step by step?

To get to Lunahuaná from the city of Lima you must follow these steps:

  • From any part of Lima you must take a public transport, taxi or private vehicle to the South Pan-American Highway.
  • Once there, you must take a public transport to the stop of 'San Vicente de Cañete' at kilometer 131 of the Panamericana Sur (approximately 2 hour trip). You can take the buses of the companies 'Turismo Cañete', 'Turismo Jaksa' or 'Peru Bus'. The cost is approximately 20 Peruvian soles.
  • Once in San Vicente de Cañete you must take a collective taxi or taxi service to Lunahuaná (approximately 1 hour trip). The cost of the collective taxi is 2 soles on average.

If you make your visit with a tour, transportation is already included.

History of Lunahuaná

The archaeological finds in Incahuasi demonstrate the existence of an original culture in Lunahuaná, the 'Huarcos'. During the Inca expansionist period (15th century) the army of Emperor Túpac Yupanqui faced the huarcos for control of the current territory of Lunahuaná. The clashes lasted more than four years with the Inca victory who seized Incahuasi turning it into an administrative center.

During the colonial era, the fertile lands and the pleasant climate of Lunahuaná led to the construction of important colonial estates and temples such as the Santiago Apóstol church. Already in the republican era, the district of Lunahuaná was created on August 4, 1821 (the same year of the Independence of Peru). On December 25, 1985, Lunahuaná was declared as 'Tourist and cultural capital of the province of Cañete'.

Adventure sports and their prices

Lunahuaná is recognized for its adventure sports in which you can practice:

  • Rafting - The Cañete River offers the perfect setting for canoeing. This activity is recommended for people over 8 years old who like adventure and are willing to soak up the water. The route is 9 kilometers (it takes 1 hour on average). In the main square of Lunahuaná there are tourism agencies that offer this adventure. This activity can be done from 6 in the morning until 5 in the afternoon. The price is 50 Peruvian soles per person.
  • Quad Bik - Touring the beautiful landscapes of Lunahuaná aboard an ATV is another of the favorite options for visitors. The route is 5 kilometers along the banks of the Cañete River (30 minutes or more). No previous experience is required. The price is $ 16 per ATV (valid for two people)
  • Canopy - This sport is also called zip line and consists of sliding down an inclined cable at high speed, which gives the impression of flying. This adventure takes place at kilometer 33.5, in the San Jerónimo sector. The cable is 2,500 meters long, so it crosses the beautiful landscapes of the place and even the Cañete River. There is a multi-rope circuit at different speeds and distances. Prices start at 50 Peruvian soles per person.
  • Rappellin - Rappelling is a gradual descent into rock with a slope of approximately 90 degrees, supported by a rope and special safety equipment for this sport. In the Lunahuaná valley there are rock formations ideal for this practice. The height of the rocks reaches more than 20 meters (1 hour 30 minutes of adventure). Anyone can do this adventure. The price starts at 50 Peruvian soles per tourist.
  • Trekkin - Walking the Lunahuaná valley is another of the favorite activities for visitors. The route is only a few kilometers long but includes the visit to tourist places such as the 'Haunted House' or the main square. It also offers to cross the Cañete river through an 'oroya', a platform that crosses the river with people seated. You can request this service with a local tourism agency. Prices start at 40 Peruvian soles.

Land of good wine

In Lunahuaná there are dozens of vineyards that produce good quality wines and piscos. Many of these vineyards have access to the public to appreciate the process of making their products. Includes tasting and even participation in the famous 'treading of grapes'. Some of the most recommended vineyards are: the 'Hijos del sol' winery, the 'Los reyes' winery, the 'Buena vista' winery as well as the 'Guizado Portillo Hacienda & Resort' winery.

What else to do in Lunahuaná?

In addition to doing adventure sports in Lunahuaná, you can visit the following places:

  • Incahuasi archaeological site - Incahuasi was an Inca administrative center that originally belonged to the curacazgo de Huarco. It covers an area of ​​eight hectares where you can see squares, the enclosure of the 'Inca chair', walls with niches, a set of looted tombs, paths, stairways and more. It is located in the Paullo annex, just 1.5 kilometers away. Admission is free.
  • The enchanted house of Lunahuaná - In Lunahuaná the story was passed from generation to generation that this house is haunted because the occupying family was murdered during the War with Chile in 1881. They say that strange voices and noises are heard at night. At one time a hotel was planned to be built there but the project was suddenly stopped. Today many visitors come curious. There are even those who wish to spend the night there. It is located just 15 minutes from Lunahuaná, on the road from Uchupampa to Catapalla.
  • The suspension bridge of Catapalla - In the town of Catapalla, just 6 kilometers from Lunahuaná there is a suspension bridge that became famous for its rustic structure. Crossing it requires balance and some courage. Although it is not that old, it was built in the 1960s, there are not few tourists who like to walk there and appreciate the landscape of the place next to this bridge. The visit is free.

When to go?

Lunahuaná is a tourist attraction that offers a pleasant climate throughout the year. However, to carry out the boating activity (the one preferred by visitors) it is advisable to go from May to October. That is, in the dry season, when rains are not frequent and the Cañete River offers less risk when practicing this sport.

The weather

Lunahuaná has a dry temperate climate with sunshine throughout the year. The highest temperature can reach 32ºC. The lowest temperature of the year reaches 14ºC. From November to April the rains are more frequent (especially in January, February and March). The rest of the year, from May to October, rains are not frequent.

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Lunahuaná - Lima
Lunahuaná - Lima
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More information

During your visit to Lima, in addition to Lunahuaná, do not forget to visit other tourist attractions such as Churín, a town renowned for its many thermal baths.

Lunahuaná offers an acceptable quality of tourist hotels. Some of the most recommended for the good service they offer are: the 'Lunahuaná River Resort', the Río Lindo Ecolodge', the 'Hotel Los Palomos', the 'Hotel Quilla Wasi', the 'Hotel El Molle', the 'Hotel Guizado Portillo Hacienda & Resort', the 'Molino Hotel and Restaurant', the 'Hotel Valle Hermoso Lunahuaná' and the 'Refugio de Santiago Ecolodge'.

Lunahuaná is also characterized by offering the best of Peruvian cuisine in restaurants such as: 'La Confianza Restaurante', 'El Patio 140', 'Restaurante Refugio de Santiago', 'El Jardín Restaurant & Bar', 'Mi Rosedal', 'El Molino Restaurante', 'Luna de Valle Restaurante' and the 'Restaurante Valle Hermoso Piscuy'. Do not forget to order a dish made from local shrimp. Recommended.

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