Churín, the paradise of thermal baths

Just 4 hours from the city of Lima is Churín, known as the paradise of thermal baths. This tourist attraction is in the Sierra de Lima region, in the province of Oyón. The place is very visited by older adults. The hot springs are good for relieving rheumatic and bone pain. Learn how to go, how much it costs and more information.

The paradise of thermal baths

Churín is located in the Sierra de Lima region so its high snow-capped mountains (the Huayhuash and Raura mountain ranges) emanate streams of hot water that are the main tourist attraction of the place.

Among the many thermal baths that exist there, the following stand out: the Mamahuarmi complex, the Youth thermal complex, the Tingo thermal baths, the Huancahuasi thermal baths, the Chiuchín complex as well as the Picoy complex .

During your visit you can also enjoy the good mountain climate full of beautiful mountain landscapes. Don't forget to try delicious local cuisine such as crispy fried trout.

The Andean geography of Churín is also ideal for the practice of adventure sports such as trekking and rappelling in the Pucayacu waterfalls.

There is also evidence of pre-Hispanic cultures in Churín. The most famous archaeological complexes are: Gotumarca, Antamarca, Quillhuaca, Ninsah and the ruins of Cancun. The famous network of Inca roads 'qhapac ñan' also crosses Churín.

The majority of visitors to Churín are senior citizens from the city of Lima. However, there are also many young people from various parts of Peru, and the world, who dare to go there.

​​Where is it located?

Churín is located 203 kilometers north of the city of Lima. It is the capital of the Pachangara district in the province of Oyón, department of Lima.

Churín is 2,080 meters above sea level.

How to get there step by step?

To get to Churín from the city of Lima you must follow the following steps:

  • From anywhere in Lima you must take a taxi or public transport to the Lima North bus terminal.
  • At the Square Norte terminal you must take a public transport bus to Churín. The trip takes approximately 4 hours and costs 25 Peruvian soles on average.


The best thermal baths

These are some of the best thermal baths in Churín:

Mamahuarmi Thermal Baths - This site has several hot water wells. Highlights include the 'Poza de los novios', the 'Veil de la novia' as well as a beautiful outdoor waterfall with scenic views of the mountains. The entrance has a cost of 5 Peruvian soles.

Youth Thermal Complex - This site offers handmade hot water pools made of smooth stone. The site is controlled by the community but also has private spaces to enjoy with the family.

Tingo Thermal Baths - This site offers several pools of water but also mud pools and personal saunas. Its warm waters have iron, sulfur and cobalt. It has a pleasant infrastructure for the whole family. The cost of entry is 15 Peruvian soles.

Picoy Complex - This site is 2 hours from Churín so you have to take ground transportation to get there. It has large pools with incredible views of the mountains of the place. Its cobalt pool stands out, which relieves stress, acne, insomnia and is even good for losing weight. The cost of entry is 5 Peruvian soles.

Huancahuasi hot springs - These hot springs are located right in front of the Picoy complex (so you have to travel 2 hours from Churín to get there). It stands out for its beautiful outdoor pools but also for its personal wells (for 2 or 3 people). The cost of entry is also 5 Peruvian soles.

The legend of Mamahuarmi Legend has it that during the conquest the cacique Sincaruma, who ruled in the current territory of Churín, received a visit from Hernando Pizarro and his troops. A young man fell in love with the chief's daughter named Shumac Goyllur. Aware that she was expecting a child from him, the chief locked her in a dark cave. Once the soldier knew what had happened, he went to his rescue. However, commissioned by the chief, an arrow went towards him with the intention of assassinating him. The beautiful girl intercepted the same one that injured her baby. It is said that the mother's tears did not stop until today. A spring of water is observed falling in the place. That is why Mamahuarmi means 'woman - mother'. Likewise, 'Churín' is a Quechua word that means 'Son'.

What else to do?

Gastronomy in Churín - Take advantage of your visit to Churín to try some of the typical local dishes. For example, there are trout farms that are offered as 'fried trout' to visitors. It is a typical dish from the Peruvian highlands that is accompanied by potatoes and salad.

Adventure sports - In Churín you can also practice adventure sports. For example, through a hiking route of a few hours you can reach the Pucayacu waterfalls, a place full of beautiful landscapes. Right there you can rappel (rock descent through safety ropes). The best way to practice these sports is through a reliable tourism agency.

Archaeological sites - The peasant communities near Churín have evidence of the traces of pre-Hispanic cultures. For example, in the rural community of San Bartolomé de Curay there are the archaeological complexes of Kakuay Raqaj, Charqui Ragaj, Contadera as well as Markunkan. On the other hand, in the community of San Francisco de Huacho, the archaeological site of Antamarca stands out.


Churín has a warm temperate climate. From May to September is the dry season with little rainfall and temperatures ranging from 10ºC. up to 27ºC. October to April is the rainy season where it can rain at any time (especially in January, February and March). Temperatures vary from 12ºC. up to a maximum of 24ºC.

When is the best time to go?

The dry season (from May to September) is the best time to visit Churín as it does not rain frequently. The rains can cause stones to fall on the route, making the trip dangerous. Also, enjoying the hot springs in the rain can be uncomfortable for some people.

What to bring?

During your visit to Churín do not forget to take with you:

  • Swimwear (more than one if possible).
  • Towel (preferably towel robe).
  • Comfortable clothes (polo shirts, shorts and something warm for the evenings).
  • Sunscreen.
  • Hat.
  • Personal hygiene items.
  • Identity documents.
  • Cash.

Churin Photos

Churín - Lima
Churín - Lima
Churín - Lima
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More information

If you like natural places, go ahead and visit other tourist attractions in Lima such as the forest of Marcahuasi stones, a place full of mountains where it is possible to camp under the stars.

Churín has comfortable and well-equipped lodging services for visitors. There are services from 15 soles per night to others with better services that cost 100 soles a night or more.

In addition to the 'Lima Norte' land terminal, there is another bus terminal to Churín located in the district of La Victoria (July 28 avenue). Remember that it is advisable to leave very early. This way you can get to Churín earlier and, incidentally, you can avoid the harsh traffic of the city of Lima.

If you don't like traveling on your own, an excellent idea is to book a 2-day, 1-night tour to Churín. There are services from 200 Peruvian soles per person. Through the internet you can find the tourism agency of your choice.

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