7 beaches in Arequipa that you didn’t know about

Arequipa is famous for its Andean landscapes that include tourist attractions as impressive as the Colca Canyon. However, this southern region of Peru also has beaches that are worth knowing. There it is possible to take a good dip, try seafood and even camp with friends. Find out which are the seven beaches that yes or yes you have to visit, how to get there and more information.

Mollendo Beach
Mollendo Beach in Arequipa

The Catarindo beach

Catarindo beach
Catarindo Beach

2 kilometers from the district of Mollendo, in the province of Islay, is this beach. It has fine white sand, calm waves for vacationers in a geography surrounded by cliffs. Some of the activities available are boat rides, fishing, swimming and even diving.

Summer (January to March) is when most people visit this beach. At that time restaurants proliferate where you can try delicious seafood. There are umbrella rentals as well as parking. The downside is that the space in the arena is small so many people can get crowded.

  • How to get there? From Mollendo you should take a taxi or mototaxi for approximately 5 soles.
  • More information: On weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) during the summers the beach gets very crowded. For this reason, to spend a calmer afternoon, it is recommended to go on weekdays.

The Tanaka beach

Tanaka Beach
Tanaka Beach

In the district of Yauca, province of Caravelí, is Tanaka beach, famous for its calm waters like natural pools. Its special geography as a cove means that at high tide the waters become stagnant. So there you can go diving with many fish. The largest pools are called: Desembarcadero and Las Viejas. Both are beautiful.

In Tanaka there are also small pools ideal for going with children. People can go all year round, although preferably in summer. The beach is in a very small town. There are no major shops. Likewise, many visitors arrive there attracted by its calm waters. Camping is not possible.

  • How to get there? From the city of Chala (province of Caraveli) you can take a collective taxi or bus to the beach (56 kilometers away). The same from the city of Nazca (137 kilometers away).
  • More information: Tanaka Beach is ideal for snorkelling. It is recommended to bring your own diving equipment. There are no tours or tourist services nearby.

The San José cove

San José cove
San José cove

This beach is located in the town of Quilca, province of Camaná, this cove is located. The special thing about this beach is that the only way to enter is through a boat trip for almost 2 hours. The starting point is the port of Quilca. Once there you can enjoy a white sand beach, blue sky and crystal clear water.

The San José cove offers calm waters ideal for a good dip. Depending on the seasons of the year, you can also see seabirds (such as chuitas and tendrils) as well as seals and even penguins. On the beach there are good tourist services such as lodging, restaurants and more.

  • How to get there? From the city of Arequipa, take a bus to Quilca (124 kilometers away). Once there, a boat trip for almost 2 hours (approximately 20 soles).
  • More information: There are tours of one day or more days to the San José cove. Some include the practice of water sports such as kayaking, snorkeling, fishing, diving and more. Prices vary according to each tourism agency.

The Miel beach

Miel beach
Miel beach

This beach is located just 37 kilometers from the city of Camaná (Quilca district). Its calm waters (at a good temperature) and fine sand are ideal for camping. In addition, the moderate winds make young people and families come there to spend the night under the stars throughout the year.

Like many Arequipa beaches, it has a cove geography, surrounded by sandy hills. There are not many commercial services that you can get there. In summer (January to March) there are more restaurants and visitors increase considerably. Sunsets at that time of year are great.

  • How to get there? From the city of Camaná, take a collective taxi to the beach (distance 37 kilometers). It is located in the middle of the road.
  • More information: Although you can camp all year round, it is recommended to do it in the sunniest months and with less wind: from December to April.

The Mejia beach

Mejia beach
Mejia Beach

This famous beach is located in the Lagunas de Mejía National Sanctuary, one of the attractions tourist of Arequipa. It stands out for its waters rich in fish and for the many permanent and migratory birds that live there. Nearby you can visit the Forga castle (built on a cliff) as well as the Catarindo cove.

The beach is very crowded by visitors in summer (January, February and March). It has a white sand with plenty of space. Nearby there are good commercial services such as restaurants and hotels. Its spa is one of the most beautiful in Arequipa. It also offers areas for fishing, boat rides and more.

  • How to get there? From the city of Mollendo, take a collective taxi to Mejía beach (only 17 kilometers away).
  • More information: Just 3 kilometers from the beach is the Lagunas de Mejía National Sanctuary, a place that yes or yes you should visit if you are on the road.

The Honoratos beach

Honoratos beach
Honoratos beach

This beach is one of the most remote in Arequipa. It is located in the district of Quilca (province of Camaná). However, to get there you must travel by boat for approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes. Along the way, you can see animals and seabirds such as sea lions, penguins and more.

The beach stands out for its blue and calm waters, its fine reddish sand as well as the wide spaces to camp and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city. There you can also do adventure sports such as snorkeling, diving, fishing and more. Many visitors like to camp. There are tours of 1 or more days.

  • How to get there? From the city of Camaná, take a collective taxi to the port of Quilca. From there, you can hire a boat to Honoratos beach (approximately 25 soles).
  • More information: Please do not disturb the natural habitat of the sea lions and penguins that rest on the cliffs.

The Mollendo beach

Mollendo Beach
Mollendo Beach

The city of Mollendo, 123 kilometers from Arequipa, is one of the favorite resorts for the inhabitants of the region. It not only stands out for its sandy beaches where you can spend sunny afternoons. Also for its beautiful infrastructure with boardwalks, restaurants and tourist hotels.

This beach one is one of the locals’ favorite beaches. On beach two you can visit the castle of Forga as well as the tourist pier. The sunsets from there in summer are unforgettable. From Mollendo you can go to other more distant beaches, highly recommended, such as the beaches of Catarindo or Mejía.

  • How to get there? From the city of Arequipa you should take a collective taxi or public bus to Mollendo (distance of 123 kilometers).
  • More information: Mollendo is famous not only for its beaches but for other tourist attractions such as the Lagunas de Mejía National Sanctuary, home to more than 120 species of birds.


By Machupicchu Terra – Last updated, February 21, 2022

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