7 viewpoints of Arequipa for excellent photographs

Arequipa is a region in southern Peru that offers incredible views of mountains, beaches, canyons, and more. Perhaps the most famous viewpoint of all is that of Yanahuara and the Cruz del Cóndor. The first allows you to appreciate the city with the Misti volcano in the background. The second allows you to appreciate the flight of the condors over the famous Colca Canyon. Get to know more viewpoints to get the perfect photograph on the trip to Arequipa.

Miradores de Arequipa
Get to know the best viewpoints in the city of Arequipa

The Yanahuara viewpoint

Yanahuara – Arequipa

The Yanahuara viewpoint is one of the most photographed from Peru. The reason? It allows you to get panoramic photos of the city of Arequipa with the Misti volcano in the background. Its structure is made of ashlar, the most famous white volcanic stone in the region. In its arches there are phrases of illustrious characters from Arequipa.

The viewpoint is located in the Yanahuara district, just 2 kilometers from main square in Arequipa. In its surroundings you can see the district church, narrow streets and old houses; all made of ashlar. The photos from there are famous postcards on the trip to Arequipa. The visit and the photographs are totally free for everyone.

The Cruz del Cóndor viewpoint

Cruz del Cóndor - Arequipa
Cross of the Condor – Arequipa

Cruz del Cóndor viewpoint is the most famous of the entire Colca Canyon. The reason is its incredible views of the canyon where Andean condors gather in flight in their natural habitat. The viewpoint is located in the district of Cabanaconde, at an altitude of 3,287 meters above sea level.

The Cruz del Cóndor viewpoint allows you to take incredible photos of the famous Andean condor. During the mornings, when the air currents occur, the condors like to fly very close to the viewpoint (from 9 in the morning until noon). This viewpoint can be visited on your own by paying the entrance ticket or through the Colca Canyon tour.

The Achachiua viewpoint

Achachihua - Arequipa
Achachihua – Arequipa

Despite the panoramic landscapes of great beauty, the Achachihua viewpoint is not very visited. The reason is that to get there you have to walk for 15 minutes or more. From there you have views of the Colca Valley, the towns of Tapay, San Juan de Chuccho, the Huaruro waterfall and more.

The Achachihua viewpoint is not as popular as the Cruz del Cóndor viewpoint. With luck you can see these birds taking flight. Most tourists start their walk from the early hours of the day. During the adventure you can visit the Huaruro waterfalls.

The Sachaca viewpoint

Sachaca - Arequipa
Sachaca – Arequipa

The Sachaca viewpoint offers some of the best views of the city of Arequipa. It is located on the top of a hill in the district of Sachaca. The viewpoint consists of a tower 19 meters high, made in five floors. From there you can also see the three volcanoes of the city: the Misti, the Chachani and the Pichu Pichu.

This viewpoint is also famous for being located over the old Sachaca cemetery (remodeled in 1996). On the third floor of the building is the Cristo Blanco, built with marble and reaching 2.5 meters in height. The Sachaca viewpoint is 4 kilometers from the city center.

The Rinconada viewpoint

La Rinconada - Arequipa
The Rinconada – Arequipa

The La Rinconada viewpoint is also known as Carmen Alto because it is located in this district of Arequipa, about six kilometers from the center of the ‘White City’. From there you have panoramic views of the city and the volcanoes that surround it. Because it is located near the fields, fruit crops can also be glimpsed.

In addition to the views of the city and the countryside, in this viewpoint you can taste typical dishes from Arequipa. You can also visit a museum and practice adventure sports such as zipline and extreme swing. At the entrance door you pay an amount of 5 soles to access the viewpoint and its locations.

The Patapampa viewpoint

Patapampa - Arequipa
Patapampa – Arequipa

The Patapampa viewpoint is also known as ‘the viewpoint of the volcanoes’ because from there you have incredible scenic views of the volcanoes of Arequipa. It is located at the highest point of the highway that connects the city of Arequipa with Chivay, at an altitude of 4,950 meters.

Tourists often stop there to enjoy the scenery. It is customary to leave an ‘apacheta’ or offering to the mountains made of stones that are usually left by walkers who travel through the Andes. The residents of Chivay usually market their textiles and handicrafts there. Due to its high altitude, it is recommended to walk slowly and breathe deeply.

The Chilina viewpoint

Chilina - Arequipa
Chilina – Arequipa

This viewpoint is located in the countryside of Arequipa, next to the Chili River. It belongs to the district of Cayma, about 7 kilometers from the center of the ‘White City’. From there you have panoramic views of the three volcanoes that surround the city: Misti, Chachani and Pichu Pichu. In addition, you have privileged views of the surrounding countryside.

The viewpoint stands out for being located very close to the Chilina ecological reserve, one of the few places in the area that overcame the arid desert to give way to vegetation. In the surroundings there are country restaurants that offer the best of Arequipa’s gastronomy such as stuffed rocoto, adobo, potato cake, shrimp chupe and more.


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