Vinococha in Gorgor – Cajatambo very close to Lima

Gorgor is a district that belongs to the province of Cajatambo in the Lima region. In this place located in the Lima Andes we can find a special and little known place. We are referring to the red water Vinococha lagoon that has an imposing beauty. To get there you need to travel at dawn and walk a few kilometers. Something that is important to mention is that we will also be able to visit the Gorgor district and the many attractions it has in the Andes of Lima.

Laguna Vinococha - Cajatambo
Vinococha Lagoon – Cajatambo


Vinococha is a reddish lagoon. The name it has is a clear reference to the wine color of its waters. These waters are crystal clear once put in a container. There are still no clear studies of the reason for its waters, but the idea that it is due to possible contamination by chemical residues or mining contamination is discarded. The municipality of Gorgor together with its population, are working hard to promote the different lagoons that can be found on the way to Vinococha. Gorgor, in an attempt to show itself as a tourist place due to the different natural and cultural attractions it has, invites the entire population of Lima, Peru and abroad so that they can visit this incredible place.

Where is Vinococha?

Vinococha is a lagoon that is territorially located in the district of Gorgor that belongs to the province of Cajatambo in the region of Lima. Vinococha, is very close to Lima about 6 hours away. On the way to this lagoon you can also see some black lagoons, but these are smaller.

To get to Gorgor, the first step is to start from the Huaral district. Leaving this district, just follow the road until you reach Pativilca, a destination that will serve as an annex to reach Gorgor. After this trip you will be at an altitude of 3050 meters above sea level. Already at this altitude we will find an environment with cold temperatures from dusk until dawn. During the day the temperature rises a bit and it is no longer necessary to wear a jacket or sweater. However, for the trip it is recommended to bring warm clothes and comfortable shoes.

About the Gorgor district

Turistas en Vinococha
Tourists in the Vinococha lagoon

Gorgor along with four other districts is part of the province of Cajantambo. This district was created in 1857 in the month of January, during the government of President Ramón Castilla. It is exactly northeast of the Peruvian capital. According to the 2017 Census, it has an approximate population of 1617 inhabitants. Among some representations and ways of life, it can be found that through the customs that were maintained, they keep a great cultural record belonging to ancient Peru. An example of what has been mentioned is the Pallas de Gorgor dance , a dance related to the capture of Atahualpa and his pallas. At present this ceremonial dance is part of traditional dances in the patron saint festivities.

Gorgor district is dedicated to agriculture so you can find agricultural land and some farm animals. They also produce their own cheeses and wheat and corn breads. Some other natural attractions are the Goñoc hot springs, a destination that is only 15 minutes away, and the Racracachin waterfalls. It is possible to witness some snow-capped peaks, the closest to Gorgor is the Pico Diablo snow-capped peak at 5,350 masl. On the way to Vinococha you can see the Huayhuash mountain range in the distance. There are different ruins, both Incas and pre-Incas, these ruins need further study and conservation, however, it is possible to visit them.

How to get from Lima to Vinococha?

As ​​we mentioned, it is necessary to follow the route from Huaral to Pativilca, from there take the detour that will take us to Gorgor. Once we reach the district of Gorgor, we will have to continue along a dirt road that will leave us very close to the lagoon. To get to know some other destinations such as the Yanapayra black lagoons and have the different views of the snow-capped mountains and the landscape to generate, it is advisable to make stops and approach all the indicated destinations, this will not take much time.

What else to see in Gorgor?

Some of the main festivities that take place in Gorgor are:

  • Anniversary Party: it is celebrated on January 2 with religious activities, some protocol ceremonies and a party where the entire population participates.
  • Holy Week.
  • Independence holidays, include a bullfight days before July 28.
  • Patronal Festival: The most important patronal festival is the one that takes place on December 8 in honor of the Virgin of the Immaculate Conception.
  • Before Christmas, exactly on December 24, the Los Negritos Chacareros festival is celebrated, this festival lasts until the end of the month.

Attractions in the Gorgor district:

  • Goñoc hot springs
  • Siscay Ruins
  • Pre-Inca ruins of Apas.
  • Archaeological center of Maqchiqui
  • Gurgurgirca’s Nose.
  • Racracachin Falls


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