5 snowy mountain you can visit near Lima

Lima is the capital of Peru. Among its main natural tourist attractions are its beaches, boardwalks, wetlands and hills. However, in the ‘city of kings’ there is also a strip of the Andes Mountains. And a few hours from the capital you can even visit imposing snowy mountains. Learn about the five main snowy mountains that you can visit starting from Lima, as well as their location, route and price.

Nevados de Lima
Snowy mountain near Lima

The Yerupajá

Nevado Yerupajá
Snowy mountain Yerupajá – Lima

Yerupajá is the second highest snowy mountain in Peru. It forms part of the Huayhuash Range in the central part of the Andes Range. Its peak reaches 6,634 meters above sea level. Only the Huascarán snowfield is higher (6.768 msnm). Its name, translated from the Quechua language, means ‘White Dawn’.

The Yerupajá limits the departments of Áncash, Huánuco and Lima. From the ‘Capital of Peru’ you get there you must travel to Cajatambo. Then to the peasant community of Huayllapa in Ancash. There, on their own or with a tour, a route of three or four days is made until reaching the snows of the imposing Yerupajá.

The Siula Grande

Nevado Siula Grande
Snowy mountain Siula Grande – Lima

The Siula Grande is also part of the Huayhuash mountain range in the central part of the Andes Mountains. Its highest peak reaches 6,345 meters above sea level. Its secondary peak, called Siula Chico, has an altitude of 6,260 meters above sea level. It divides the departments of Lima and Huánuco.

The Siula Grande is one of the most famous mountains in Peru due to its appearance in the book ‘Touching the Void’ by the British mountaineer Joe Simpson . To visit it, you can take the tour to the Huayhuash mountain range from the city of Huaraz. From Lima you can get there by public transport (at the Plaza Norte terminal).

The Rajuntay

Machu Picchu
Snowy mountain Rajuntay – Lima

El Rajuntay is a snowy mountain mountain located just 5 hours from Lima. It is located in the province of Yauli, in the department of Junín. It is the highest snowy mountain in the central mountain range. Its highest peak reaches 5,477 meters above sea level. It is also called ‘Raujunte’. Its geography is home to the white-bellied churrete (cinclodes palliatus).

The route to reach Rajuntay is not difficult compared to other hiking routes to the snowy mountain of Peru. From Lima you must travel to San Mateo in the province of Yauli. Then by bus to the district of Marcacocha. There begins the 2-hour walk to the Pucacocha lagoon. Finally another ascending route to the snowy. On average the route is 2, 3 days or more.

The Paccha

Nevado Paccha
Snowy mountain Paccha – Lima

The snowy mountain Paccha is also one of the best options near Lima. It is located in the Pariacaca mountain range. Its summit reaches 5,354 meters above sea level (between the limits of the departments of Lima and Ancash). Due to its proximity and slopes accessible to people, it is an excellent adventure option in Peru.

To get to the snowy mountain Paccha from the city of Lima, you must take a bus to the town of San Mateo in the province of Huarochirí (via the central highway). Then it continues to the area called Río Blanco. Finally, we take the road to the Yurucmayo dam where the base camp is to begin the route. It is estimated that the visit takes 3 days or more.

The Pariacaca

Nevado Pariacasa
Snowy mountain Pariacasa – Lima

The Pariacaca is one of the most important snowy mountains in Peru as it was worshiped by the Incas as a sacred ‘Apu’ of great importance. It is located in the central part of the Andes Mountains, in the district of Matucana, province of Huarochiri, between the limits of the departments of Lima and Junín. Its summit on the north side reaches 5,724 meters above sea level. On the south side, it reaches 5,750 meters above sea level.

The famous ‘Camino a Pariacaca’ is a tourist route that ascends to the snowy peak. Along the way there are archaeological ruins, lagoons and incredible landscapes. The route from Lima begins with the trip to Huancayo. Then take the detour to the town of Tanta. There the base is laid to carry out this route of 2, 3 days or more.


By Machupicchu Terra – Last updated, November 11, 2022

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