Fauna and flora in the Arequipa region

A great variety of geographical spaces can be found in the Arequipa territory. In this sense, finding a great variety of flora and fauna is normal. As an example, we can see that Arequipa is home to one of the tastiest animals in Peruvian cuisine: the river shrimp. We can also find the Andean cat and in the sea, a variety of fish and birds.

Fauna of Arequipa – Salinas and Aguada Blanca Reserve

Location and climate of the Arequipa region

The region of Arequipa is located between the Andes and the sea, so it shows a fairly complex and rugged space. It has an area of ​​63,345 square kilometers. It has Andean valleys, pampas, a volcanic chain, high Andean plateau and deserts that border the sea. Although the coast is quite rocky, there are open beaches like spas, such as Mejía, Mollendo and Camaná. Throughout the coast, the climate is humid and cloudy and lacks precipitation, which is why it is quite arid. While in the ascent towards the Andes the climate varies according to the increase in altitude. In these places rainfall increases and temperature variations vary greatly during the day and night.

Fauna in the Andes and the valleys of Arequipa

Fauna on the coast of Arequipa

Flora of Arequipa


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