5 destinations in Cusco for the whole family

Cusco hosts different spaces to visit, some of the best-known archaeological remains require a long trip or long walks, which not everyone can access . It is for this reason that we want to show the following 5 destinations. This will be an alternative for trips with older adults and children due to the accessibility of the places. Next, the location, the ways to access and the archaeological remains found in these 5 destinations will be detailed.

Chinchero Templo
Tupac Yupanqui Palace – Chinchero

1) Pikillaqta Archaeological Park

Streets of Pikillaqta

The first destination is Pikillaqta, an impressive pre-Inca site. It is located in the south zone of the valley of Cusco. This place still maintains most of its buildings in perfect condition. This first option is a must if you decide to leave the city and want to find a place where you can walk without any complications.

2) Chinchero Archaeological Complex

Crafts in chinchero

The second option has almost the same travel distance. However, to get to the Chinchero district you have to take a different route. You must leave Cusco in the direction of Anta, but take the detour to Chinchero. Before heading or after going to the archaeological complex, you can enjoy the handicraft market, see the excellent fabrics, go to the handicraft market and even visit Lake Piuray.

3) Tipón archaeological complex

Tipon Aqueducts

Tipon is as spectacular as Machupicchu In addition, it is an unmissable place to visit with the whole family, due to its easy accessibility. Apart from the archaeological complex, you can enjoy different restaurants that serve baked guinea pig as the main dish. Making the guinea pig a symbolic emblem of this district. This is the third travel alternative for the whole family, let’s learn a little more.

4) Pisac Archaeological Park

Platforms of Pisac

Pisac is the fourth destination that we propose. Pisac has different tourist options, which can be attended before or after visiting the archaeological park. You can visit the Andean market or go to the Sarapampa hacienda, among other activities. You can also enjoy the gastronomy of the place and try the different variations of chicha, the traditional drink of the Inca empire.

5) Raqchi Archaeological Park

Temple of Wiracocha

The last option is further away from the rest. From Cusco it can take a day to visit. However, access is quite simple as we will see later. Raqchi has some museums near the archaeological park. It also has a small chapel of colonial origin. 10 minutes from this community is the district of Tinta, where you can visit the House of Tupac Amaru II and a colonial church very similar to the Checacupe temple.


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