Top 10 best beaches in Lima

Lima has a wide coastal strip full of beautiful beaches that sparkle in summer. In winter, many beaches are also ideal for surfing and other sports under the waves. In addition to the incredible landscapes, on these beaches it is possible to find boulevards and places to camp. Get to know the best 10 beaches in Lima, to the north, south or in the same city.

Beaches in Lima
Beaches in Lima

10. La Punta Beach

This spa is one of the most famous in Callao. It stands out for its dozens of fishing boats that enter the sea from the early hours of the day.

It owes its name to the fact that it is located on an extension of land that enters the sea. Its boardwalk is one of the most beautiful in Lima. This spa is full of seafood restaurants.

In this resort, beaches such as Cantolao 1, 2, 3, El Camotal, Cabezo Norte and more stand out. In addition to being useful for fishing, these beaches are highly visited during the summer.

A few steps from La Punta beach you can visit the main tourist attractions of Callao such as the famous Palomino islands.

Beaches la punta
La Punta Beach – Lima

9. Punta Hermosa Beach

This spa is one of the most visited during the Lima summer. It has sandy beaches and waves of the ideal size for a refreshing dip. It is located in the Punta Hermosa district.

Punta Hermosa beach has parking, changing rooms and municipal police service. Due to the existing security and the pleasant waters of its beaches, it is the preferred resort for the people of Lima in summer.

At night around the beach there are many restaurants and clubs that are liked by the youngest. For this reason, many people, including foreign tourists, decide to rent apartments in this place.

8. El Silencio Beach

This beach belongs to the district of Punta Hermosa. It owes its name to the fact that in a distant time it was a place little frequented by visitors, a silent place. Today, however, it is one of the most visited places by Lima residents in summer.

The beach has white sand with some stones in the sea. Its waves are high at certain times of the day. The place has kiosks and restaurants where you can enjoy delicious Peruvian cuisine.

The beach has surveillance and lifeguard service. Weekends are when most visitors arrive there.

7. La Herradura Beach

This beach was one of the preferred spas for the Lima elite at the beginning of the 20th century. Today it is one of the spas preferred mainly by the popular sectors of Lima. It is located in the heart of the city, very close to the tourist district of Miraflores.

It has a strip of beach with stone that is very visited in summer. However, the place has gained fame thanks to other tourist attractions such as the famous ‘Salto del Fraile’ that takes place there. It is a dive from one of the cliffs on the beach. The act is performed by a friar, following an old colonial legend.

Many people also come to the beach to enjoy the quality restaurants that offer the best of marine cuisine.

6. Agua Dulce Beach

Agua Dulce
Agua Dulce Beach – Lima

Agua Dulce is one of the most popular beaches in Lima. Every summer it seems crowded with people. For some it is a negative aspect of the beach. For others, it is an opportunity to feel popular culture, the warmth of the people and, incidentally, enjoy a refreshing dip.

It has one of the calmest and safest waters. Its fine sand beach. It has a small pier from where you have excellent views of the sea. In summer there is sale of food, drinks and lots of music.

The beach is wide. Unfortunately, due to the thousands of people who visit it in summer, the place fills with garbage. Do not forget not to contaminate this place perhaps with the best waters of the Lima coast.

5. Hornillos Beach

In the so-called ‘Norte Chico’ of Lima is this beach that has a boardwalk full of vegetation as well as several cliffs along its approximately 3 kilometers of coastline.

The beach is in the so-called ‘Punta de la viuda’, famous for the blows of the sea on its cliffs. It owes its name to the high temperatures that are registered in summer when more tourists visit it.

It is only 2 kilometers from the town of Huacho, where you can enjoy delicious Peruvian cuisine. In addition, around the beach there is a good infrastructure with restaurants and bars.

4. Tuquillo Beach

In the north of the city of Lima is this paradisiacal sandy beach with pleasant waves for the public but also an ideal area for surfing. It is famous because its waters have a turquoise color.

About 50 meters from the beach there are small islets where vacationers like to swim. Tuquillos is also a good beach for fishing. Some boats cross its waters, especially in the early hours of the day.

The beach is very popular on weekends. In those days there are many food stalls and beer sales. Perhaps one aspect to correct is the garbage that accumulates on the busiest days. Some people like to camp there.

Tuquillo beach
Beaches Tuquillo – Lima

3. Centinela Beach

This lonely pebble beach offers excellent waves for surfers. These exceed two meters in height. There are championships of this sport. Also in its surroundings other sports such as cycling and motocross are practiced.

A few steps away is the Sentinel nose. It owes its name to the panoramic landscapes that can be appreciated from there. It is a lonely beach because its access is difficult. Take a 4-kilometer detour from the main road.

The low number of people on this beach has made it a special place, away from the hustle and bustle of the city. It is also possible to camp there, without any inconvenience other than the strong blow of the waves.

2. Cerro Azul beach

This famous beach is one of the favorite places for camping in Lima. It is located in the town of the same name, at kilometer 131 of the South Pan-American Highway.

The town has more than five beaches with warm sand and a pleasant sea to take a dip. It stands out for its beautiful 400-meter spa where you can see pelicans, guanay and other sea birds.

The beach also has areas for surfing and kayaking. The people of Cerro Azul are used to visitors. It has permanent surveillance. The beaches look crowded in summer.

Cerro azul beach
Beaches Cerro Azul – Lima

1. Asia Beach

This resort offers more than just beautiful sandy beaches. It also offers one of the busiest nightlife of the Lima summer. It is at kilometer 100 of the South Pan-American Highway, in the modern town of Asia.

At the end of the 20th century the town was modernized due to the migration of hundreds of families from the Lima elite. Today it has a modern boulevard with shopping centers, bars, discos and shops of the best brands.

Asia Beach works all year round because many residents of Lima have their apartments and beach houses there. However, it shows its best face every summer when there are special events such as adventure sports.


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