Arequipa: 4 best destinations with thermal baths

In the Arequipa region you can find different thermal baths that serve as recreational and healing places. The volcanic presence offers the main options that are located in the Colca Valley. There will be a tour of different provinces outside the “White City”. We will know what are the healing properties that these natural places have and their benefits to combat diseases. In addition, we will talk about the location, prices and its spectacular landscapes and other activities that can be done.

Arequipa hot springs
Arequipa hot springs

1. Yura hot springs

Yura hot springs
Yura hot springs – Arequipa

This destination is already traditional for the people of Arequipa. However, those who visit these thermal baths will not be disappointed. This place offers a recreation space very close to the city.

2. Chacapi hot springs

Chacapi hot springs
Chacapi hot springs – Arequipa

This beautiful natural enclosure is accessible to the public. It offers spectacular views due to the presence of a river and small mountains. It is a five hour drive from the White City

3. La Calera hot springs

La Calera hot springs
La Calera hot springs – Arequipa

The Chivay district is an excellent place to explore natural spaces and breathe unpolluted air. This peaceful place has spectacular views. Thermal baths are just one of many things that can be done.

4. Huancarama hot springs

Huancarama hot springs
Huancarama hot springs – Arequipa

The province of Castilla is a province that exports different natural resources. It has a very colorful geographical space. There is the Valley of the volcanoes, where more than a dozen volcanoes stand out. Apart from the thermal baths, it has archaeological sites such as the Toro Muerto Petroglyphs and parks for the enjoyment of visitors.


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