Arequipa: 4 best destinations with thermal baths

In the Arequipa region you can find different thermal baths that serve as recreational and healing places. The volcanic presence offers the main options that are located in the Colca Valley. There will be a tour of different provinces outside the “White City”. We will know what are the healing properties that these natural places have and their benefits to combat diseases. In addition, we will talk about the location, prices and its spectacular landscapes and other activities that can be done.

Arequipa hot springs
Arequipa hot springs

1. Yura hot springs

Yura hot springs
Yura hot springs – Arequipa

This destination is already traditional for the people of Arequipa. However, those who visit these thermal baths will not be disappointed. This place offers a recreation space very close to the city.

  • a) Location
    • 28 kilometers from the “White City” is the district of Yura. About an hour away by bus or car.
  • b) Information
    • The thermal source of these waters comes from the Chachani volcano, which gives it a temperature of 23 to 28 °C.
    • These wells have mineral properties that serve as curative remedies against rheumatism, anemia, arthritis, skin diseases, some stomach problems, nervous disorders and stress; according to studies carried out by Tadeo Haenke and Edmundo Escomel.
    • Tadeo Haenke and Edmundo Escomel names that were attributed to two of the four wells that we can find in this destination, in honor of their research.
    • This thermal bath can be visited from Monday to Sunday from 07:00 – 15:00. The approximate cost is 5 soles.
  • c) Other activities to do near the Yura Thermal Baths
    • Near the area you can find agricultural platforms, which are still in operation by the local residents.
    • Visit the church of San Andrés, built in 1746 with neo-colonial architecture.
    • One more option is the Corontorio waterfall, a two-hour walk away for lovers of trekking.

2. Chacapi hot springs

Chacapi hot springs
Chacapi hot springs – Arequipa

This beautiful natural enclosure is accessible to the public. It offers spectacular views due to the presence of a river and small mountains. It is a five hour drive from the White City

  • a) Location
    • In the district of Yanque in the province of Caylloma, five hours from Arequipa, are the thermal baths of Chacapi or Baños de Yanque.
  • b) Information
    • It has two swimming pools with a temperature of 45 °C, located outdoors, which provides a wonderful view of the rocky nature that surrounds the place.
    • The benefits provided by the minerals in these hot springs mainly help people with rheumatic problems.
    • However, this is not the only place to visit, once you arrive in the district of Yanque, an alternative is to visit the Puye thermal baths
    • The thermal baths of Puye, has three pools built with stone and oval in shape. Anti-stress properties are attributed to these waters because they have mineral components such as sodium, iron and potassium.
    • Both options are part of the Colca Valley.
    • To visit the thermal baths of Chacapi, the schedule is from 06:00 to 18:00. With an approximate cost of 15 soles.
    • To visit the thermal baths of Puye, the recommended opening hours are from 06:00 to 18:00 (there are no specific hours). With a cost of 3 soles.
  • c) Other activities you can do in Yunque
    • The district of Yanque, on the other hand, has a wide exhibition of archaeological tourism, such as the Uyo-Uyo complex or the terraces of Llactacucho and the cave paintings in the Pallaclli Caves.

3. La Calera hot springs

La Calera hot springs
La Calera hot springs – Arequipa

The Chivay district is an excellent place to explore natural spaces and breathe unpolluted air. This peaceful place has spectacular views. Thermal baths are just one of many things that can be done.

  • a) Location
    • It is located in the district of Chivay.
    • It is one of the most recognized thermal baths in the Arequipa region.
    • Just three kilometers from that district, you can get there by taxi or bus.
    • It is a good option for trekking for about an hour.
  • b) Information
    • Due to the good reception it has had for some years, it has a complex in which five swimming pools are distributed.
    • The thermal spring is produced thanks to the Cotallumi volcano.
    • The minerals found in this water are iron, zinc and calcium; Therefore, the visit of people suffering from bone, muscle, skin problems, among others, is recommended.
    • Office hours are Monday through Friday, from 04:00 to 19:00. The cost is approximately 15 soles.
  • c) Other activities you can do near Chivay
    • The places that you can also enjoy after or before going to the hot springs are many.
    • One of them is to visit the museum of archaeological remains that is located in the same complex.
    • Another option is to tour the Chivay district. In this place you can learn about the Wititi Dance, one of the 5 traditions that you will only see in Arequipa . Likewise, enjoy colonial constructions, enjoy gastronomy and appreciate handicrafts.
    • You can also see and cross the suspension bridge over the Colca River.
    • Finally enjoy the canyon and the flight of the condors.

4. Huancarama hot springs

Huancarama hot springs
Huancarama hot springs – Arequipa

The province of Castilla is a province that exports different natural resources. It has a very colorful geographical space. There is the Valley of the volcanoes, where more than a dozen volcanoes stand out. Apart from the thermal baths, it has archaeological sites such as the Toro Muerto Petroglyphs and parks for the enjoyment of visitors.

  • a) Location
    • It is located in the district of Orcopampa in the province of Castilla.
    • At approximately 3,911 meters above sea level, the thermal baths of Huancarama are located.
    • This destination is the one that is farthest from the “White City”, it is a 10-hour bus ride.
  • b) Information
    • Currently it has two swimming pools, one for adults and the second for children.
    • It is also well implemented, it has changing rooms and Jacuzzis; and with five bungalows.
    • The hot spring comes from the Antapuna volcano.
    • The average temperature of these waters is 54.5 °C.
    • Because of its composition such as chlorides, sulfates, carbonates, among others; properties are attributed to combat respiratory diseases, muscle ailments, inflammation and rheumatism.
    • Service hours start from 06:00 to 20:00, every day of the week.
  • c) Other activities you can do in Orcopampa
    • Although the place has very low temperatures, they do not prevent the spectacular views of its landscapes, in addition these same temperatures allow you to see frozen waterfalls during much of the year.
    • Another nice place that this district has is the Orcopampa lagoon that looks like a recreational center.
    • It is also necessary to emphasize that you can see the Misahuanca monument, which is recognized as Cultural Heritage of the Nation.


By Machupicchu Terra – Last updated, August 28, 2023

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