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Free Walking Tour en Cusco – Servicio Gratis

Take one of the best experiences in Cusco with the Free Walking Tour, a free service ideal for getting to know the city’s historic streets and monuments. The service starts at 9 a.m. at the fountain in Cusco’s Plaza de Armas. From there, you’ll walk through the city’s streets, such as Plaza Regocijo, Plaza and Church of San Francisco, San Pedro Market, Cusco Cathedral, the 12-Angle Stone, the Inca palace of Cusicancha, and finally, the Coricancha temple, the most important temple in the Inca Empire. At the end of the 2-hour 30-minute walking tour, visitors can thank the guide with a free tip. The tour is a very safe service and recommended for the first or second day of a visit!

About this tour

  • Start: 9 am (Main Square of Cusco)
  • Duration: 2 hours 30 minutes.
  • Type of transport: Walking tour.
  • Tour guide: Professional guide in Spanish or English.
  • Payment methods: Free tour based on tips at the end of the tour.
  • Tourist attractions to visit: Main Square of the Cusco, San Pedro Market, Cathedral (exterior visit), 12 Angle Stone, Cusicancha and Coricancha (exterior visit).

This is the experience

The Free Walking Tour Cusco is one of the best options for the first or second day of your visit to Cusco. It is a walking tour of the main monuments, streets and squares of the city. The service is carried out in the company of a professional tour guide, who will offer a better understanding of Cusco, the capital of the Inca empire and called a museum city, for its incredible monuments with a lot of history. The tour also allows you to get beautiful photographs and learn more about the culture of Cusco, its traditions, customs and even its most famous products. The tourist sites to visit are: the Plaza de Armas, the San Pedro Market, the Cathedral (outside visit), the 12 Angle Stone, the Cusicancha and the Coricancha (outside visit).

Free Walking Tour map

Mapa Machu Free Walking Tour Cusco

Places to visit

pueblos del cusco

Main Square of Cusco

Cusco’s Plaza de Armas, the historic heart of the imperial city of the Incas, dazzles with its colonial architecture, surrounded by majestic buildings, cathedrals and stone balconies, steeped in Andean culture and splendor.

Plazoleta Regocijo

Regocijo Square

A hidden gem in the heart of Cusco, Plazoleta Regocijo captivates with its quiet charm and picturesque atmosphere. Surrounded by colonial houses and cobblestone streets, it is a haven of serenity in the bustling city.

Arco de Santa Clara

Arch of Santa Clara

The Santa Clara Arch in Cusco, witness to centuries of history, stands majestically with its colonial architecture. This iconic monument, with its details carved in stone, evokes the grandeur and cultural legacy of the city.

Mercado de San Pedro

San Pedro Market

The San Pedro Market in Cusco is a feast for the senses. Its labyrinthine corridors are filled with the colors, aromas and flavors of Andean cuisine. A vibrant enclave where culture and tradition merge.

Catedral del Cusco

Cusco Cathedral

The majestic Cusco Cathedral, an imposing masterpiece of colonial baroque, dominates the Plaza de Armas. Its imposing towers and Renaissance facades house artistic treasures and historical relics, witnesses to the city’s past splendor.

Piedra de los 12 angulos

Stone of the 12 angles

The enigmatic Twelve Angled Stone in Cusco, a symbol of Inca construction skills, impresses with its perfect stone assembly. A lasting testimony to ancestral engineering and craftsmanship.

Palacio del Cusicancha

Cusicancha Palace

The Cusicancha Palace in Cusco is an epitome of Incan architecture. Its imposing stone walls showcase the technical skill and deep astronomical knowledge of its builders, evoking a sacred connection with the cosmos.

Piedra de los 12 angulos

Temple of Coricancha

The Coricancha Temple in Cusco, dedicated to the Inca solar cult, fuses architectural majesty with ancestral spirituality. Its carved stone walls and design reflect the wisdom and power of an enduring civilization.

Differences and similarities between the Free Walking Tour and the Cusco City Tour

Machu Picchu is a tourist destination that can be visited on an all-inclusive tour of one, two, three, four days or more. All services offer a safe and well-organized experience. It offers: pick-up, entrance fees, full transportation, professional guide and more. Find out all the prices for the most popular tours in the Inca citadel!

Free Walking Tour Cusco
City Tour Cusco
Duration2 hours 30 minutes4 hours
Tourist attractionsPlaza de Armas, San Pedro Market, Cathedral (exterior visit), 12 Angle Stone, Cusicancha and Coricancha (exterior visit).Cusco Cathedral (indoor tour), Sacsayhuaman, Cusco, Pucapucara, Tambomachay and Coricancha (indoor tour).
TransportWalking tourTourist transport in minivan
Tour guide Group service (in Spanish or English) for 2 hours 30 minutesGroup service (in Spanish or English) for 4 hours 30 minutes
I pick upIn the Main Square of CuscoFrom the door of your hotel in Cusco
EndAt the CoricanchaAt the door of your hotel in Cusco or a central square
AvailabilityAvailability limited to 10 visitors per groupAvailability of up to 15 tourists per group
AdvantageWell organized all inclusive tourAll-inclusive tour with private guide from start to finish
PriceFree tour for all visitors55 dollars per tourist on average

Tour Itinerary

  • The Free Walking Tour in Cusco starts at the Main Square of the Cusco in the heart of the city at 9 am. The tour guide will greet you with the ‘Machupicchu Terra’ flag at the pool in the center of the Square.
  • The group will leave for the Regocijo square where they will visit the municipal palace and the Garcilaso house. Then they will walk to the Plaza San Francisco with its great variety of flowers and trees. There they will also be able to appreciate and take photos with the beautiful colonial church of San Francisco.
  • Next, we will walk through more historic streets of the city, including the Santa Clara Arch (in commemoration of the Peru-Bolivia Confederation).
  • The next tourist destination to visit will be the San Pedro market, where visitors will get to know Cusco’s popular culture up close. They will also learn about its characteristic products, chuta bread, fruits, typical dishes and popular crafts.
  • Then the group continues on to the Cathedral of Cusco where we will learn more about the history of Cusco and its colonial era, which lasted almost 3 centuries.
  • Just a few steps away is the famous 12 Angled Stone where visitors can take one of the most popular photos of the city of Cusco. Tourists will learn about Inca architecture and its historical value that endures to this day.
  • The next tourist attraction to be visited will be the Cusicancha palace, which was probably the birthplace of Emperor Pachacútec (1,349 AD – 1408 AD).
  • Finally, just a few steps away is the Coricancha, the temple of sun worship, the most important in the entire Tahuantinsuyu empire. Visitors will learn about its great history and will be able to take beautiful photos.
  • The service ends with a voluntary tip from the tourist to the professional guide. The end is at 11.30 am.


  • Professional tour guide service.
  • Didactic maps for each visitor.
  • Breakfast and lunch.
  • Tickets.
  • Tips.

What to bring?

  • Hat or cap.
  • Comfortable clothing for warm weather.
  • A windproof jacket.
  • Raincoat.
  • Snacks and snacks.
  • Comfortable shoes for light walks.
  • Sun blocker.

Frequently asked questions about the Free Walking Tour in Cusco

  • What tourist attractions does the Free Walking Tour in Cusco include?

    The Free Walking Tour Cusco includes a visit to: the Plaza de Armas, the San Pedro Market, the Cathedral (exterior visit), the 12 Angles Stone, the Cusicancha and the Coricancha (exterior visit).

  • Who is the tour guide included in this tour?

    The Free Walking Tour Cusco includes the company of a professional tour guide with extensive experience and knowledge. The guide service is provided in two possible languages: Spanish or English.

  • What time does the Free Walking Tour Cusco start and end?

    The Free Walking Tour Cusco begins with the meeting of the group at the pool of the Main Square of Cusco at 9 am. The service concludes at the Coricancha in the historic center of Cusco at 11.30 am.

  • Can I cancel the tour?

    You can cancel the tour by sending an email to You can also coordinate a change of service date or more walking tour options.

  • How to prevent altitude sickness?

    Altitude sickness can cause some inconveniences during your visit to Cusco. The main symptoms are: dizziness, fatigue or nausea. Also, to reduce the symptoms, try to avoid alcoholic beverages and fatty foods before the visit. To reduce the symptoms, try to acclimatize one day before to the altitude of the city of Cusco, which is 3,399 meters above sea level. Another option is to drink hot infusions such as coca leaf (a natural plant used by the Incas).

  • Group or private services

    The Free Walking Tour Cusco is a free group service based on tips. Would you like to do a private service? You can contact