The mill of Sabandía

The Sabandía mill is only a 30 minute drive from the historic center of Arequipa, one of the most famous tourist attractions in the city. The place has a mill manufactured in the viceregal era that is in perfect condition. The place is surrounded by abundant vegetation. The house where the mill is located also has various animals such as llamas, alpacas, peacocks and more. Visiting the place is going back in time. It is included in the ‘City tour Campiña’.


The Sabandía mill is a farm with hundreds of years of existence where the presence of a water mill built in 1621 stands out, which is kept in good condition. This old building is made of ashlar, the most representative volcanic stone of the ‘White City’.

The wheat that supplied the local inhabitants was ground there. The mill is located in a country estate with high walls, vaults and green areas near a stream. The site has some structures from the colonial era. There you can also see native animals from Peru such as llamas, alpacas and more. It currently works as a restaurant. It is one of the most visited tourist destinations in Arequipa.

Where is it?

The Sabandía mill is located in the district of the same name in the Arequipa region, about 10 kilometers by road from the Main Square.

How to get?

Leaving from the Main Square you can take a taxi that will charge you approximately 15 Peruvian soles (5 US dollars). Another option is to take a bus, which for a price of 2 Peruvian soles will leave you near the mill.



The Sabandía mill was built in 1621 by order of Don García de Vargas Machuca from the master architect Francisco Flores. For many centuries, the mill supplied flour to the local people. Much of its architecture is made of the famous ashlar, a volcanic stone with which most of the buildings in the city center were built.

After more than 4 centuries, the mill was abandoned and forgotten. In 1973 the central mortgage bank of Peru took a position on the mill to achieve its restoration. The architect in charge was Luis Felipe Calle who managed to recover this important historical monument of the city. It is currently one of the most famous tourist attractions in the area.

The mill of Sabandía

The Sabandía mill takes advantage of the strength of a nearby stream whose waters are doubly channeled. This is how the volanderas move and crush the corn, wheat, etc. The ashlar stands out with its whiteness on the façade of the mill.

The building is built on a rectangular plan surrounded by high walls and vaults. The countryside stands out for its lush trees where you can see llamas, alpacas, birds and even a peacock.

How much does the visit cost?

The entrance ticket for adults is 10 Peruvian soles (about 3 US dollars, approximately). Children and seniors pay 5 Peruvian soles for their income (about 1.5 US dollars, approximately).

Another option to visit the Sabandía mill is to hire a ‘Countryside City Tour’, which also includes other tourist attractions such as: the Sachaca viewpoint, the Fundador mansion and the Paucarpata platforms. The cost of the service is 50 soles per person (15 US dollars per person, approximately).

What else to see?

La mansión del Fundador – This is a colonial hacienda (built in the 16th century). It consists of enclosures, terraces, chapels, gardens, vaults and more. In 1785 the place was acquired by Don Juan Crisóstomo de Goyeneche y Aguerreverre, which was modified until it acquired the form of today.

The Sachaca viewpoint – This famous viewpoint is located in the Sachaca district, from which you have an impressive view of the city of Arequipa. It is located 15 minutes from the city center. The entrance costs only 1 Peruvian sol. You must walk up several stairs to reach the highest level and be able to observe the beautiful landscapes.

The platforms of Paucarpata – In the district of Paucarpata this set of platforms of Inca origin is located, which served for the cultivation of different agricultural products such as corn, quinoa, potatoes and more. The place is 15 minutes from the historic city center. From there you have a good view of the Misti volcano.


Molino de Sabandía - Arequipa
Molino de Sabandía - Arequipa
Molino de Sabandía - Arequipa
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More information

The Sabandía mill, among the many constructions that it offers to the visitor, includes a staircase made of ashlar located at the back of the mill. Like this one, many structures in the place are made with this white volcanic stone.

The Sabandía mill is considered an emblematic monument of the mestizo rural architecture of the city of Arequipa. Currently it is also part of the Cultural Heritage of the Nation.

Visiting hours to the mill are from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon. In the Sabandía district it is also possible to find restaurant and lodging services.


During your visit to the mill, do not forget to bring comfortable shoes that are ideal for walks. Also, do not forget a camera and extra money in case you want to visit the restaurant.

During your visit to the city of Arequipa, in addition to the Sabandía mill, take the opportunity to get to know other colonial structures of great importance such as the city’s Cathedral, the church of the Company of Jesus, the convent of Santa Catalina and more. A good option to visit these places is to purchase a ‘City Tour’ through a tourist agency.