Choquequirao Tour 4 days

Places to visit: Choquequirao archaeological site.
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Why Few People Visit Choquequirao?

Choquequirao is as incredible as Machu Picchu. However, unlike this one, there are no train or bus routes to get there. It can only be reached after 2 days of walking. To return you must also walk another 2 days. That is why few people visit Choquequirao. If you are lucky enough to go, you will have almost the entire archaeological site to yourself.

When is a good time to go?

The days of dry weather (between the months of April to October) are the ideal ones to do this tour. On those days it doesn’t rain much so it is easier to walk and you can better see the beautiful landscapes around. January, February and March are the rainiest months of the year. Even so, any day is a good opportunity to get to know Choquequirao.

What are the camps like?

The camps are clean, spacious and comfortable. They have bathrooms and a dining room for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everything is included in the tour.

Can I go with children or older adults?

The tour is a bit demanding as you climb steep slopes. If you go with children (preferably over 8 years old) it is recommended that they like walks and sports. Older adults must be in good physical condition to do this route.

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